Using VPN Pre-Login Authentication for Remote PCs

How to use the VPN Pre-login authentication to log in to remote PCs that are not connected to the WCER network.

Logging into a Windows PC with your WCER username and password requires the PC to connect to the SOE-AD domain to verify your username and password.  To connect to the domain the computer must be either plugged into the WCER network or connected via the SoE VPN.

Remote PCs cache a copy of the WCER username and password after a successful login allowing you to log in without being connected, but if your password is reset or you are using a new computer, you will need to connect to the SoE VPN before logging in.  This is possible with the latest version of the GlobalProtect VPN client.  This document lists the steps to connect to the VPN prior to login in order to gain access to the PC in these situations.



  1. Must be a computer running the Windows operating system.
  2. Must be a WCER provided computer (joined to the SoE domain)



Connecting to the Internet

The PC must be connected to the Internet for the VPN login to work - you can either connect the PC using an Ethernet cable or click on the wireless icon to connect to an available wireless network.  If the wireless network requires a security code to connect you will be able to enter it here.
Wireless Connection
Windows 11
Connect to your local WiFi network



Connecting to the VPN

Once you are connected to the Internet, click on the icon indicated in the image below to launch the VPN login interface.
VPN Connection
Windows 11
Connect to the VPN

Enter your WCER username and current password (if it has been reset) and click the right arrow button to connect to the VPN.
VPN Login
Windows 11
Sign in with WCER domain credentials

The Window should read "Connecting" and then show a "Connected" message as the VPN connects.  Once the VPN is connected you can click the "Back" button.  (Note that the icon for the VPN has changed)
VPN Connected
Windows 11
Click the Back button

You can now enter your WCER username and password and the PC will validate them with the SOE-AD domain and log you in.  The VPN will remain connected after you have logged in.
Complete Login
Windows 11
Sign in with WCER domain credtials

Video Demonstration

Below is a video of the same directions listed above for remote login to a Windows 11 computer.

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