Change WCER Password with ADS

How to use the ADS web page to change a WCER password

If you need to change your WCER account password, for example because the password is about to expire, you can do this remotely via the WCER Application Delivery Service (ADS) web page - even if your account is not set up to use any ADS applications.  Here is how.

Step 1) Connect to the VPN

In order to access the ADS web page, you will need to be connected to the departmental VPN for the School of Education.
NOTE: If you are using a WCER provided laptop, the VPN client, called GlobalProtect, is already installed. Please refer to the link below for instructions on installing as well as connecting the VPN.

WCER Departmental VPN Instructions

Step 2) Go to the ADS web page

Once you are connected to the departmental VPN, go to the ADS web page:
You will be prompted to log in, use your WCER user name and current password.
ADS Login Screen
If your password has already expired, you'll be taken automatically to the "Change Password" screen.  Otherwise, you'll see the main ADS page with icons for the applications (if any) you have access to.  Regardless of whether there are applications visible, you'll have a "change password" link at the top of the page.
Change Password Link
Click this link, and you'll be taken to the change password screen.  You'll need to enter your current password, then pick a new password and enter it into the "New Password" and "Confirm New Password" fields.  Click the "Submit" button and your password will be changed.
Change Password Screen

Step 3) Optional - Lock the computer (ONLY For WCER-managed, Windows computers)

Once you have changed the password, if you stay connected to the VPN for at least 30 minutes your local login password should become synced with your new WCER password.

To make the sync happen instantly, while still connected to the VPN, press the CtrlAlt, and Delete keys and choose "Lock".

Lock the computer           

Then press Ctrl Alt Delete again and sign in to your laptop using your WCER username and new password.

Sign In again to sync the WCER password instantly

If you are able to sign in with your new WCER password then step 3 has been successful. Congrats!


If you are not able to sign in, then it is likely that you entered your WCER username or password incorrectly or the VPN was not connected before you "Locked" the computer.
Please contact the WCER Research IT Help Desk if you need further assistance.

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