Managed Software Center (Mac)

Learn what WCER's Managed Software Center is and how to use it.

Managed Softwre Center application window

What is Managed Software Center?

Managed Software Center is a macOS (OS X) application that makes it possible to install software that WCER Technical Services has packaged and receive updates to installed software. Managed Software Center allows the user to perform installations, updates, and removal of approved software on their schedule without intervention of an administrator. Managed Software Center is only available on WCER-owned Macs.

Managed Software Center can be found within the Applications folder of your Mac. MSC may already be added to your Mac's dock as well. The icon for Managed Software Center looks like this:

MSC icon

Managed Software Center Interface

If you have ever used the App Store on your Mac, then Managed Software Center should look very familiar.  Its interface is based upon the App Store so most users should feel comfortable with it right away. There are four main sections/pages of the interface:  Software, Categories, My Items, and Updates. In addition, there is also the Quick Links sidebar. Quick Links is present whenever you are in the software section, or within a selected category.


When opening Managed Software Center, the default page displayed is the Software page.  Here you will find all the applications that are currently available to your system.  Clicking on an application's title or icon allows you to read more about it.  Clicking the INSTALL button will begin the installation of the software immediately


The Categories page will display all software available to your machine, but sorted into categories for easier viewing.  These categories can be drilled into and allow users to install software they would like to install.

My Items

The My Items page provides users with an organized list of all applications that are currently installed on their system and can be removed by clicking the REMOVE button.  Note: If the REMOVE button is greyed out then the application cannot be removed. Applications being downloaded are tagged with DOWNLOADING, and you can interrupt the process by clicking CANCEL INSTALL.


The Updates page shows the list of updates that are currently available to your system.  It will display updates to installed software, new software to be installed, and software to be removed.  Users can click on the UPDATE ALL button to perform all updates at once.  If the list is empty, clicking on the CHECK AGAIN button will force another look for updates.

     Pending vs Available updates: If an item is pending, it will be installed (or removed) at the next update, but available updates will not be a acted upon until the user adds them to the pending updates list.

     This may be done within the Updates page by clicking on the "+" symbol to the right of an item's description.

Quick Links

The Quick Links sidebar provides links to various UW and WCER resources, and is accessible mainly under the Software page. All links will open in a new window of your default web browser.

NOTE:  Managed Software Center comes preinstalled on all WCER issued Macs. Please contact WCER Technical Services if you have a WCER-owned Mac and would like to have Managed Software Center installed.

NEW!!  For more visual learners, please click on the Vimeo icon below to view a basic demonstration of Managed Software Center.

Link to Vimeo video demonstration

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