Adding a Ricoh WCER network printer: Mac

This document will guide you through the steps needed to add a WCER Ricoh floor printer on any Apple Mac computer.



  • You must be using an Ethernet/wired connection from a WCER office OR you have an active VPN connection via the GlobalProtect VPN client.
    Please click here for help installing and using the GlobalProtect VPN client on your Mac.

  • You have been provided a 4-digit print code which will enable you to print to the Ricoh printer on your floor.

    Please contact your supervisor or P.I. if you have not been given a project print code.

  • ONLY if installing on a personally-owned Mac, you will first need to download and install the macOS print driver manually before proceeding to install the Ricoh printer. Otherwise the "Use" field will display "Generic Postscript" and there will be no place to enter the 4-digit print code when creating a printer preset.

    Choose the link that corresponds to the printer you wish to install:
    - Download macOS Printer Drivers:
         Alma, Springfield, Florence, Minneapolis, Omaha, Kitt Peak
    - Download macOS Printer Drivers:
         Queenstown, Ludington, London, Edo

Installing a Ricoh floor printer

  1. Open System Preferences either from the dock, or from the  (Apple) menu, and select the Printers & Scanners preference pane

  2. Click on the + button near the lower left of the Printers & Scanners window.

    Click on the + button

    Since the release of macOS Ventura, System Preferences has been renamed System Settings, but is found in the same location.

    Select the Printers & Scanners setting from the left side of the window and click on the Add Printer, Scanner or Fax... button.

    System Settings Add Printer

  3. Select the IP globe icon within the Add window that appears and complete the following

    a) Enter the printer's fully qualified domain name within the Address field. In our example, the printer is named Omaha, so we will enter

    b) Make sure Line Printer Daemon - LPD is selected from the Protocol drop-down menu.

    c) Edit the entry in the Name field to something easier to read. Again, this would be Omaha in our example.

    d) The Location field is optional, but it may be helpful for you to enter something here.

    e) The Use field automatically populates with the proper Ricoh driver. If it displays Generic Postscript, please verify that the Address field is correct.
        Press the Add button.

    "Add" window settings

    The same window in macOS Ventura

    Add printer configurations

  4. With your newly installed printer selected (highlighted) at the left side of the preference pane, click on the Options & Supplies... button.

    Options & Supplies...

    For macOS Ventura and later versions of macOS, click on the printer (Omaha in our example)

    Choose the new printer

    Then click the Options & Supplies... button

    Options and Supplies button

  5. Choose Lower Paper Trays from the Option Tray drop-down menu.

    Choose Installed from the Internal Tray 2 drop-down menu.

    Configure optional trays

    The same window in macOS Ventura.

    Configure printer options

  6. Your Ricoh printer is now installed.

    IMPORTANT: You still need to create a printer preset in order to print to the Ricoh printer.



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