How to Create or Delete Meeting Highlights During a Cisco Webex Meeting

Meeting hosts and participants can capture key points during a meeting as highlights using Webex Assistant for Meetings. Highlights are short notes that can be shared and followed up on later. After the meeting ends, highlights are emailed to the host and are available to them on their Webex site. Hosts can share the highlights with anyone who has an account on their Webex site and email selected highlights to others.

Meeting Highlights
When you create a highlight, the text is highlighted in blue in the Captions tab and appears in the Highlights tab of the Captions & Highlights panel. Highlights are time stamped and labelled according to what type of highlight was created. Labels include Action Item, Agenda, Decision, Note, Parking Lot, Reminder, and Summary.


Create a highlight by doing one of the following:

  • In the Captions & Highlights panel, hover over the caption that you want to save as a meeting highlight and select Highlight.

    If you want to highlight part of a caption only, select that text and select Highlight. If you highlight something by mistake, hover over it and select Unhighlight.

  • Use a voice command to create a highlight.
  • Speak naturally and the Webex Assistant will listen for keyword triggers and capture moments during the meeting. For a list of keyword triggers, see Use Voice Commands in a Webex Meeting.

Delete a highlight by selecting the Highlights tab in the Captions & Highlights panel and selecting Delete highlight next to the highlight that you want to delete.

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