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Webex Site Upgrade to Version 42.10 - October 4th, 2022

Posted: 2022-09-20 14:50:44   Expiration: 2022-11-07 14:50:44

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2022-09-20 14:50:44. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Check out this months new features that include a New Webex Whiteboard (Beta), Enhanced meeting security with Auto Admit and Sharing Mobile Camera View as Content.

Highlighted features for this update

  • Enhanced meeting security with Auto Admit

    We are excited to introduce Auto Admit that is designed to make your life easier as a meeting host while increasing the security of your meeting.

    This new default behavior allows invitees who are signed into Webex to join a scheduled meeting directly without having to wait in the lobby. No more admitting people in the lobby when they were supposed to be in the meeting anyways.

    No passwords or PIN numbers required. Even Webex Room systems that you add to your meeting invite can join the meeting directly.

    Remind your invitees to sign into Webex to be able to take advantage of this amazing new usability improvement.

    For users who aren't signed into Webex and those that aren't on the invite, they continue to wait in the lobby until you or a cohost admits them.

    This feature is available on a delayed release cycle. Check to see when it’s available on your site.
  • New Webex whiteboard (Beta)

    In case you missed the update that came in 42.9, the new Webex whiteboard is an infinite canvas where you can collaborate together with any meeting participants whether they are using Webex Meetings app, Webex App, or Webex devices.

    There are several handy tools such as pen, shapes, sticky notes, and images. When collaborating with others, you can see their profile pictures moving along with their pen strokes.

    To start a new whiteboard, click the "..." menu button and click Start New Whiteboard. Or if other participants start a whiteboard session, you can automatically join that session.

    This feature is on an independent release schedule. Check to see when it’s available on your site.
  • Share mobile camera view as content

    We’re introducing an industry first ability to share the camera view from your mobile device or iOS and Android users. During a Webex Meeting, mobile app users can start sharing their mobile camera view with all the meeting participants. Meeting participants can view shared mobile camera content in full screen mode on their computers, devices, and phones.

    To use this feature, select Start or Join a meeting, then … more > Share Content > Camera icon.

    Capabilities while sharing mobile camera:

    • Zoom in or zoom out when sharing mobile camera and attendees see the updated view.

    • Annotate with shared mobile camera content.

    • User can share either front camera or back camera.

    • If you’ve turned on self-video on your meetings mobile app, it is turned off when sharing mobile camera as content.

  • Support M2 chipset on Mac

    Webex Meetings is now fully supported on Mac operating system with M2 chipset.

  • Lobby chime in Meetings

    To help hosts and cohosts manage attendees in a meeting we have added sound notifications for when a person joins the lobby. In addition to the current visual notification, hosts and cohosts can now turn on an audio notification. This option is found in Meeting Setting -> Notifications. People can choose which sound they hear. Sound is only audible for hosts or cohosts. If multiple people join lobby at same time only one sound plays. After 10 seconds then sound plays again if a new person joins the lobby.

Pre-meeting experience

  • Host can grant access to the meeting reports to their administrators 
    • This feature empowers the scheduling delegates, typically the executive administrators, to access the meeting reports on behalf their executives. This removes the burden from executives of downloading the reports and manual sending them to their administrators. Any user can grant access to their scheduling delegates to the meeting reports in the scheduling preferences.

In-meeting experience

  • Simultaneous interpretation original (floor) audio pass through
    • When interpreters aren’t speaking in a language channel, participants subscribed to that channel automatically hear 100% original (floor) audio. Once an interpreter speaks in the channel, the user hears the volume balance of an interpreter or the original audio according to what has been set (by default, it is 80% interpreter, 20% original audio, but the user can change it according to their preference). This feature does not change the user interface.
  • Embedded apps third-party SSO support
    • When you select an app in the App Gallery, you can view the App Info along with the app descriptions, screenshots, and videos that app developers have provided for their app. You can also select Don't show me this page again if you don't want to view app information.
  • Lobby chime in Meetings
    • To help hosts and cohosts manage attendees in a meeting we have added sound notifications for when a user joins the lobby.
    • For more information, see the highlighted features for this update.
  • Self-view
    • Fixed an issue where self-view was being removed in the grid-view or filmstrip when turning off video.
  • PWA for Chrome OS: meeting calendar
    • You can now access your upcoming meetings directly in the Meetings Progressive Web App (PWA) for Chrome operating system. Browse meetings by date and click to view meeting details. When it's time to join, the Join button is displayed automatically.

Webinar experience

  • Email template improvement
    • In this update, webinar supports three new email templates:
      • Webinar invitation emails for panelists
      • Cancellation emails for panelists who are removed in the webinar
      • Absentee follow up emails for people who registered for but didn’t join the webinar
    • Certain email templates are optional, and hosts can decide if they want them to be sent out.
    • There is also improved support for variables in the email templates, making customization easier for the host.
    • Also, there's improved support for variables in the email templates, which makes the customization easier on the host.
    • Support to customize logos for all the email templates.

This feature is available on a delayed release cycle. Check to see when it’s available on your site.

Slido experience

  • Drag and drop polls in Webex
    • You can now drag and drop polls and change their order directly in the Webex sidebar.
  • Multiple answers in open text by default
    • Have you ever been approaching administrators to allow multiple answers in open text poll? Not only you, but we’ve also heard it as feedback from our users and experienced it on our own.
    • More than 50% of our used open text polls have enabled multiple answers in poll settings. So, it means, on more than 50% of open text polls our users had to do one additional click.
    • In future in all applications you have this poll setting that is enabled by default.
  • Typing indicator in a survey and ranking poll
    • You can now see an indicator depicting the number of participants responding.

Post-meeting experience

  • Breakout session attendee report
    • Breakout session attendance report is added to the meeting attendee report. This includes breakout session names along with the attendee join and leave time.

This feature is available on a delayed release cycle. Check to see when it’s available on your site.
  • Attendance report now sortable on web (Apple)
    • This report was previously static and not sortable. Now it is sortable by last name directly in the browser without having to download it.

-- Cisco Webex: Shawn Thiele