Webex: How to Apply Blurred and Virtual Backgrounds

This documentation will highlight the steps required to change the background of your camera in Webex Meetings and Events. This functionality does not currently exist in Webex Trainings.

System Requirements for Backgrounds

Please note that virtual backgrounds currently require a large amount of resources from your CPU and you may end up with the following message:

CPU Warning

If you're unsure your system can handle this feature, please reference the system requirements documentation found here

Video Instructions for Applying Backgrounds

Changing Your Background Before Joining a Meeting

In the preview window before joining a meeting, select Change background and then the selected change you would like to apply. This is available in Webex Meetings and Webex Unified Application (Windows on the left, Mac on the right)
Preview Window - Virtual Backgrounds

Changing Your Background After Joining a Meeting

There are several ways to change your background after joining a meeting with all ways redirecting to the same settings window pictured in Method 1

Method 1 (available in Webex Meetings only): Navigate towards the top left of your window / top bar on a mac and select Audio & Video followed by either Camera... or Change Virtual Background... (Windows left, Mac right)

Method 1 - Virtual Backgrounds

Method 2 (available in Webex Meetings and Webex Unified Application): Select the arrow to the left of the video button followed by Settings... or Change virtual background (Windows left, Mac right)

Method 2 - Virtual Backgrounds

Method 3 (available in Webex Meetings): Navigate towards the top right of your video window and select the 3 dots followed by either Change Virtual Background or Camera Settings (Windows left, Mac right)

Method 3 - Virtual Backgrounds

All these options will ultimately lead to the menu shown in Method 1 where you can select Change Virtual Background followed by the change you would like to apply

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