Webex - How to Join a Webex Meeting from your Webex App, Calendar and Webex Site

Joining a Webex Meeting can be done from the Webex App, an email invitation, calendar invite, Webex site and more. You can join a meeting from your computer, mobile device, phone, or a video system. Pick the one that works best for you.

Joining From the Webex App

Joining Methods



Join from your meetings list

Join the meeting from the green Join button that appears in your meeting list 5 minutes before the meeting's scheduled start time.

See Webex App | Join a meeting from your meetings list

Join by entering the meeting number

If you know the meeting number, enter it in the app to join the meeting.

See Webex App | Join a meeting with a meeting number or video address

Join someone's Personal Room

If someone asks you to join their Personal Room but you don't remember the link, you can still join it easily from that person's contact card.

Webex App | Join a Personal Room meeting

Join from your spaces list

Join the meeting from the green Join button that appears at the top of your spaces list 5 minutes before the meeting's scheduled start time.

See Webex App | Join a meeting from your spaces list

Join from a video system

Dial the video address, tap the Join button, or automatically join from your video system.

See Join a meeting from a video system

Joining From Email or Calendar


Open your email invite, and click Join meeting. If you don't have a meeting invite, contact your meeting host.


If this is the first time you're joining a Webex meeting, Webex automatically downloads the app.

  • If you don't want to install anything, click Join from your browser ( Not Recommended )
  • Click the installer file to install the app.
  • If the automatic download didn't work, click Download the app again.
  • Click Open Webex if you're prompted to do so, otherwise click Launch meeting.


If you join from a Linux computer or Chromebook, you won't be prompted to install anything. The meeting simply opens in your browser.


Enter your name and email address, and click Next.


If you're asked for a meeting password, enter the meeting password - it's in your email invitation - and click Next.


In the preview window, you can make sure your audio and video sound and look good before you join the meeting. First, choose how you want to hear.

  • Use computer audio (default) ̶ Use your computer with a headset or speakers.
  • Call in—If you prefer to use your phone for audio, dial in when the meeting starts. A list of global call-in numbers appears after you join the meeting. Make a note of the access code or meeting number and the attendee ID. You'll need to enter these numbers to join the meeting.

    Select one of the available numbers to join the meeting and when prompted, enter the access code or meeting number and the attendee ID. If you don't have your attendee ID, press # to wait in the lobby until someone in the meeting lets you in.


    Your attendee ID connects your name in the meeting to your audio. If you don’t enter your attendee ID, your audio connection appears as a call-in user in the Participants list, separate from your name, and you can’t control audio from the application.

  • Don't connect to audio̶ Use this option when you need to join a meeting and share content, and don't need audio. For example, you're in a conference room with your team, or someone already connected to the meeting from a video device.

Click  if you want to say hi to everyone when you join.


Click  if you want to be seen when you join.

To connect to a compatible video device, click Use video system.


Click Join Meeting.

Joining From Your Cisco Webex Site


Go to the sign in page.


Enter your primary email address and click Next.


Enter your Single Sign On information and click Sign in.

Join a Meeting Using the Search Bar

At the top of your Cisco Webex site is a search bar that you can use to find and join the meeting. Search by the host's name, Personal Room link or ID, meeting title, or 10-digit meeting number.

You can find the host's Personal Room ID in the Personal Room link. For example, if the Personal Room link is example.webex.com/meet/giacomo, the host's Personal Room ID is giacomo.


Click on the search bar and enter one of the options to search for the meeting.

Meeting Number in Search Bar

Enter the meeting password provided in the email invitation.


Click Join to join the meeting.


Your meeting opens in either the Webex app or web app, depending on which option you last chose on the home page.

Join a Meeting from Your Webex Site in the Webex App or Web App


Select Meetings from the left navigation panel in your Cisco Webex site, and click the name of the meeting you want to join.


Enter the meeting password provided in the email invitation, if necessary.


Click the drop-down arrow and select Use Webex Desktop app or Use web app. Both have a similar meeting experience, but the web app only requires your browser. After that, select Join Meeting.

Meeting Join Options


When you select the Webex Desktop App or web app, the Webex site remembers your selection and will default to it on that Webex site only.


This is a Cisco product- for more information see https://cisco.com/go/webex

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