Webex Meeting - How to Make Someone Else a Host so you can Leave the Meeting.

Hosts of a Cisco Webex scheduled meeting or Personal Room meeting who join the meeting from Webex can make someone else the host. Maybe you have to leave the meeting early or want someone else to manage the meeting controls while you're speaking or presenting. You can transfer the host role to anyone who joined the meeting from Webex, Cisco Webex Meetings, or an unpaired Cisco Webex room device.

Getting Started

When you make someone else the host of a Webex scheduled meeting or Personal Room meeting in Webex, you're letting them:

  • Add or remove people

  • Mute or unmute people

  • Lock or unlock the meeting

  • Record the meeting

  • End the meeting


While in a meeting, you can assign a new host and either stay in the meeting or leave.

    • To make someone else the host and stay in the meeting, go to the participants list Participant List. Then, right-click the name of new host and click Assign as Host.
    • To make someone else the host and then leave the meeting, click Leave meeting Leave Meeting and then choose Leave meeting. Choose a new host and click Leave meeting.
    • Choose a new host, and then select Leave meeting
  • Leave Meeting
Leave Meeting
Select New Host
  • Other Resources
  • You may also be interested in how to claim the host role for managing a Webex meeting so the original host can focus on presenting material.

This is a Cisco product- for more information see https://cisco.com/go/webex

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