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Web Hosting - Apache (read-only) Configuration Availibility to Customers

DoIT Web Hosting has a process, that copies a read-only version of a customers website(s) Apache virtual host configuration into their /private folder (same level as httpdocs)
This is refreshed in the customer's file system every 45 minutes into their /private folder (same level as httpdocs) 

-r-------- 1 webuser psacln 6125 Oct 31 11:45 httpd.conf
-r-------- 1 webuser psacln 6125 Oct 31 11:45 httpd.conf.bak
-r-------- 1 webuser psacln    3 Oct 31 11:45 stat_ttl.conf
-r-------- 1 webuser psacln    1 Oct 31 11:45 vhost.conf
-r-------- 1 webuser psacln  665 Oct 31 11:45 vhost_ssl.conf

These files can be viewed in the Plesk file manager and/or with Secure FTP download of the file: Web Hosting - Customer how to for download and upload of sites files and/or databases

  • This can be helpful because Plesk does not have the Apache configuration available to customers but does allow a view of the PHP configuration, and other settings.

  • This brings to light what has been requested and assists in making changes to the configuration implemented in the vhost.conf.  e.g. NetID/Shibboleth configurations, IP restrictions, etc.

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