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Web Hosting - Web Site Backup and Recovery

The Web Hosting servers utilize DoIT's Bucky Backup service to archive web site files nightly. We also capture a MySQL dump of every database nightly to protect data and recover it as needed.

However, we strongly encourage you to:

-- Keep local copies of your website files and MySQL databases.

-- Utilize your test site location for quality assurance

-- Utilize GIT for tracking changes in any set of files and coordinating work

Web Hosting Requests to Restore Your Files

Email your restore requests to

Restoration Criteria

Files can be restored via Bucky Backup according to the following criteria:

  • We can restore either of the two most recent versions of any file on the web server.
  • We can restore a file deleted from the web server up to a maximum of 60 days after the file was deleted. After 60 days, deleted files can no longer be restored.
  • MySQL databases are also exported nightly and available up to a maximum of 60 days

*** Customer how to download and upload sites files and/or databases ***

Plesk Control Panel:

File System:

— To archive any files/folders in file system you can zip the files and download via the FileManager.
-- You can also upload via the FileManager and extract them back into place.
Extract zip files
-- A more hands-on process is with the provided direct Secure FTP access to the filesystem to download and upload files as needed. 


--Export and import MySQL dumps

-- One can also use specific database management tools, like PHPMyAdmin (built into Plesk) or a client like MySQL WorkBench (see database management applications).

-- WordPress has various methods, which facilitate Web Hosting - Clone/Copy of WordPress sites
-- Git repository integration is also available, which is a version-control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files.

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