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Web Hosting - Inactivating Your Account or Additional Domain

Coordinating with us on your site's transition to a new server or its removal from our service can help avoid loose ends and service interruptions.


-- It is your responsibility to inform Web Hosting that your site (or an individual domain as part of a multi-domain account) is moving to another server or being discontinued. Monthly billing will continue up until the date we are notified that service is no longer required.  

-- Access to obtain/archive content on the DoIT Web Hosting platform is available to site administrators/developer contacts via the Plesk Control Panel, Secure FTP etc.  Please download your site files and any databases as you require.

Transferring Hosting Services

Follow these instructions if you want to transfer your website to a new hosting service.

  1. Email with the DNS information for the new location and the date/time when you'd like to schedule the DNS migration with the Campus Hostmasters or via externally managed DNS.
  2. Tell us if your site will use a new domain name. We can help set up a redirect so your users can easily find your new location. See Web Hosting - Website Redirects.
  3. When the DNS migration is complete or the redirect is in place, we will notify your account contacts and cease billing the account.

Decommissioning Your Website

Follow these instructions if your website is going out of use.

  1. Email with the date/time you'd like us to remove the DNS for your site and let us know whether you'd like your domain to redirect to another DNS or to an informational page explaining why the domain no longer exists.
  2. When the DNS is removed or the redirect is in place, we will notify your account contacts and cease billing the account.

Contact if you have any questions.

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