Office 365 - Requesting a departmental email address/account/domain

There are times when you need to use an address/account that is not tied to a personal (NetID) account.

Here is listing of address/account types:

Learn more about these address/account types.

Important: Only domain administrators can manage these types of accounts.

Options for obtaining these accounts:

Requesting a new email domain:

Student organizations who would like an email domain should contact the help desk for further assistance - do not submit your request through the process below.

Some reasons to not request a new email domain:

  •  To request a new domain

    1. Go to Wisc Account Administration Site.
    2. You will be presented with the request domain form:

      request domain form

      Enter the required data (including any special request within the comments field).

    3. Click Request Domain button.

      A mail/calendar administrator will contact you within a couple of business days.

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