WiscChat (Psi) - Configuring Psi on Windows

Install Psi

  1. Download the Psi Installer.
    You will be transferred to the download location for the Psi client. Download/Save the installer to your computer.

  2. Double-click the installer file you just downloaded to begin the installation.

    If you see the following message:

    previous installation

    Click the Yes button.

  3. If you see the Language screen, select the desired language and click OK button to continue.

  4. If you see the Welcome screen, click Next button to continue.

  5. If you see the License screen, click I Agree button to continue.

  6. If you see the Components screen:


    Click Next button to install the default components.

  7. If you see the Installation directory screen, click Install button to install to the default directory.

  8. When the installation completes, uncheck 'Show Readme' and click Finish button to launch Psi.

Note: If you have upgraded from a previous version, then you do not need to configure the client. You can start using the new version.

Configuring Psi

  1. Start Psi. If prompted for the following:

    account setup cancel

    Click Cancel button. If you are presented with the 'Tips' screen, click on the Close button.

  2. Select Account Setup from within the "General" menu. You will be presented with the 'Jabber Accounts' screen:

    jabber accounts

  3. Click on the Add button. You will be presented with the 'Add Account' screen:


    You may want to change the "Name" to something more related to the account you are configuring.

  4. Click Add button to create the account and open the 'Account Properties' window.

    default account

  5. On the 'Account' tab, enter your Jabber ID and password. To verify your Jabber ID, view the following doc: WiscChat - What is my XMPP Address/Jabber ID?.

    Note: Make sure to use the corresponding password for the account being configured. You are not creating a new account.

  6. Place check marks on Automatically connect on startup, Automatically reconnect after sleep, as well as Automatically reconnect if disconnected and click the Save button..

  7. If presented with the 'Tips' window, please close it.

  8. Click the Psi menu Psi menu and select Options.

  9. Select the Events category, and check the box labeled "Auto-open new messages".

    Events Options

  10. Click Apply and then click OK to save these settings.

  11. To connect, in the main Psi window, click the menu/button labeled Offline and select Online to connect to the WiscChat service.


  12. When presented with the "Server Authentication" dialog box, you must select "Trust this domain" (WiscChat - About Certificate Warnings).

    certificate error

    Quit and restart Psi to complete the certificate trust.

    From now on, whenever you start Psi, you will automatically be logged into the WiscChat service.

Important: If this was the first time you have configured your account to connect to the WiscChat service, you will need to configure your personal information within the internal database used by other WiscChat users to communicate with you.

If this is the case, you will be presented with the following screen:

VCard error

Click on the OK button.

It is highly recommended to enter your personal information within the VCard. Use the following document to enter the necessary information: WiscChat (Psi) - Updating Your vCard Information.

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