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Connecting to the Projector for Pods 1 and 3

This guide shows how to connect to the projector from the pod nearest to the projector.

Use the below panel to connect to the projector.


The Power button turns on the monitor corresponding to your table.

The Local VGA button connects the VGA cable to the monitor.

The Local HDMI button connects the HDMI cable to the monitor.

Using your projector to display your computer’s screen:

1) Press the power button on the panel below to turn on the TV

2) Connect your computer to either the VGA or the HDMI cable. 


Note: it is recommended that you use the HDMI cable.


3) Push the Local VGA button if you connected to the VGA cable or press Local HDMI button if you connected to the HDMI cable.  The image on your computer screen should now appear on the projector.  If the image does not appear on the projector, click the button for the other input, then reselect the correct one.  For example, if you are trying to use HDMI, push the Local VGA button, wait a few seconds, then press the Local HDMI button again.


Note: if you are using your own computer, you may need to adjust the screen resolution to work with the monitor’s depending on your screen size.


To change how your image is shown on the projector, right click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution.  In the pull down menu next to Multiple Displays, you can select from Duplicate, Extend, Show desktop only one 1, and Show desktop only on 2.


Be sure to turn off your projector when you are done using it.  Do this by pressing the power button on your pod or by using the podium controls.


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