WiscIT - Exempting individual incidents from the aging incidents process

This document details how to exempt an individual incident from being subject to automatic resolution via the aging incidents process.

Each incident is subject to the aging incident process outlined in WiscIT - Aging incidents process overview unless they are set to a a long-term pending status. A long-term pending status is a pending status paired with one of the following pending reasons:

  • On hold
  • Scheduled
  • Waiting for vendor
  • Linked to Problem

Note: The second set of pending reasons listed below are most commonly used by the repair group in the helpdesk.

  • Waiting for parts
  • At depot
  • Customer pickup
  • Delivery requested

To set an incident to an exempt status, open the incident and use the links in the I Want To: section.

Note: Pending incidents with pending reasons not listed here are still subject to the aging incidents process. This means incidents set to Pending - Waiting for Customer will resolve due to inactivity.

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