WiscIT Powered by Cherwell: Known Issues List

This document lists known issues and possible work arounds in WiscIT Powered by Cherwell.

Known Issues in Cherwell

Web Client: "A task was cancelled." error appears after leaving text editor open for 2 minutes

Web Client: Wrong requestor name selected after using "Find Related Item" button

  • See [Link for document 96742 is unavailable at this time] for full details and workaround
  • Issue: The requestor will be selected incorrectly if the "Find Related Item" button (lines and magnifying glass) is clicked after entering a customer's NetID into the requestor field.
  • Workaround: Enter in the requestor's NetID and then select a different field on the incident form. The requestor field should then populate with the name.

Web Client: Responses to inbound emails not logging as journals

Web Client: Error when logging into Web Client via Safari on OSX or all browsers in iOS

  • Issue: When using either Safari in OSX or any browser in iOS, users will encounter a 404 error when logging into the WiscIT web client.
  • Workaround: Use Chrome or Firefox on OSX. There is no workaround iOS other than using a Windows or Mac computer if available.

Dashboard widgets: Date Range feature does not work

Web Client: Blank page after login

  • Issue: Sometimes when logging into the Web Client you may get a blank white screen.
  • Workaround:  Go the URL field with your cursor and press enter.

Viewing Multiple Incidents at the Same Time

  • Issue: How can you view multiple incidents at the same time?
  • Workaround: The web client does not have this ability, you can only view one incident at a time. Within the Installed client you can click on File-->New Window or if you are viewing incidents in a grid, right click on the incident you wish to open and select Go To Record in New Window.

Journals are difficult to read and there are a lot of entries

  • Issue: There are a lot of journal entries and a lot of them appear to be system data
  • Workaround: Use the Concatenated Journal View above the Description field for a list of all journals in chronological order.

Web Client: Unable to print CIs, CRs, or tasks

  • Issue: Unable to print CI's, CRs, or tasks from the web client.
  • Workaround: This is a known limitation of web client, use the thick client to print these items.

Web Client: Reports don't print the correct incident

  • Issue: When running a report in the Web Client, it will use the first incident from when the report was created vs. the current incident.
  • Workaroound:  Run the report from the Windows Thick Client.

Web Client: Scrolling within a drop down menu closes

  • Issue: When you are in a drop down menu such as Sub Category and scroll down, when your mouse hits the bottom of the menu the drop down menu closes and the entire incident scrolls down.
  • Workaround:  This is primarily an issue on Macintosh systems, the work around is to slowly scroll or use down arrow keys on keyboard. 

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