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This document details the setup of an RSS Feed within the WiscIT Desktop Client.

What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed allows an end-client reader to view information periodically updated information from an online source. This differs from the Search Results List Widget because it allows you to pull online information from a site outside of WiscIT. For example, you can display information from the UW-Madison Outages feed as shown below.


You can read more in-depth about RSS feeds here.

Creating an RSS Feed

RSS Specifications Example
RSS Feed Configuration Window

To create a simple RSS Feed widget, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new widget. For more information on how to create a new widget, click here.
  2. Name: Assign a relevant name to the widget. This is the name it will appear under in the Widget Manager.
  3. Type: Set the type to RSS Feed.
  4. RSS Feed URI: Copy and past the RSS URI here. Most web browsers should allow you to right-click on the RSS feed icon RSS Feed Widget Icon and select Copy link. You can also click on the "..." button on the right to navigate to a feed.
  5. Max items to show: Set the maximum number of feed items that will be shown on the widget.
  6. Refresh Every [#] [Time Period]: Set the widget to refresh at certain intervals to keep the information up-to-date. Note that the Dashboard may also be configured with a scheduled refresh, so you may want to use the Dashboard's scheduled refresh instead.

Additional configuration options:

  • Custom link color: Change the link color used on the items in the feed. You may want to set a link color to ensure readability.
  • By default, the Widget will inherit many of its style properties from the Dashboard Theme, but you can define your own properties by right-clicking on the widget in the Dashboard editor.

How to find an RSS URI
Find the webpage that publishes your desired feed, then right click on the RSS Feed icon to copy the RSS URI.

NOTE: More complex RSS feeds may cause significant errors, so try testing your new RSS feed widget on a testing dashboard before adding it.

Advanced Configurations: Adding RSS Feed Actions

Create Actions Area
You can also add One-Steps to initiate from the Widget under Create Actions. In order to do this, the One-Step must have access to the contents of the feed. This is done by adding the RSS Item Tokens to the Conditions page of the One-Step. For more information on how to modify One-Steps, refer to the One-Step Overview.

  • Add: Open the One-Step Manager to select a pre-made or create a new One-Step.
  • Edit: Edit a selected One-Step.
  • Remove: Remove a selected One-Step.

TIP: You can use the arrows to move the one-step operation order. It starts at the top of the list.

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