WiscIT - Creating a Widget

This document describes how to begin making a new widget in the Cherwell Application
  1. To create a new widget in Cherwell, open the Widget Manager by clicking on Dashboards in the top menu bar, then selecting Widget Manager. It can also be opened in the Dashboard Editor by right clicking on a widget or folder and selecting Widget Manager.

    Accessing Widget Manager
    Accessing Widget Manager From Dashboard Editor
  2. The Widget Manager looks very similar to the other Managers in Cherwell, with the Availability options/folders along the left-hand side and the folder contents on the right. Select the location of the widget (see WiscIT - Folder Explanation in Cherwell if needed) and open the folder to make sure the Widget will be stored with the right availability. In this example we are creating the widget in our User folder

    Widget Manager
  3. To create a new widget, click on the Cherwell New Item icon or right click in an empty area on the right side of the window and select "New". It can also be done within the Dashboard Editor by right clicking on a widget in the widget pane and selecting "New Widget".

    Creating a Widget
    Creating a Widget From Editor

    This will open the Widget window, which will look different depending on the Widget type that is selected (this selection can be made with the drop down box in the upper right hand corner of the Widget window). The "Name" field in the upper left of the window will contain name of the widget as it appears in the Widget Manager. It cannot be the same name as another widget in the same "level" folder (User, Team, etc.).

    For steps on how to configure the individual widget types, please see the bottom section of WiscIT - Dashboard Overview.

    New Widget Window

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