WiscIT - Button and Text Labels

This document describes how to add and configure the button, text, and link widgets in the WiscIT Cherwell Dashboard Editor

Table of Contents

Adding a Widget to the Dashboard

To add a widget to a dashboard, simply drag the desired widget from the Shapes, etc. menu on the left side of the dashboard editor. An example of adding a button is shown below:


Configuring Text

To change the text of a widget, first make sure the desired widget is selected. Then, click in the top left field of the dashboard editor. The text contained in the widget should now appear, and can be edited:


To change the font, size, and style of the text, simply use the options to the right of the text editor at the top of the dashboard editor:


Some aspects relating to the text that can be edited are:

  • Expression for Determining Text
  • Wrapping the Text
  • Text Size
  • Font
  • Bold/Underline/Italics
  • General Text Size Adjustment
  • Horizontal Alignment
  • Vertical Alignment
  • Background Color
  • Foreground Color
  • Border Color
  • Border Style

Links have the ability to either perform actions in WistIT or navigate to external URLs. To configure a link action, double click on the desired link, and a menu should appear:


To add an action from WiscIT, click on the ellipses next to the Action field. To add a URL, select Web Link and paste the URL into the field. Once finished making changes, click OK.

Configuring a Button

Similar to links, buttons can also be configured by double clicking on the desired button. This pulls up the button configuration menu:


To pick an action for the button to perform, click on the ellipses next to the Action field. Once finished picking the action, click OK.

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