WiscIT - Dashboard Viewer

This document shows how to bring up a WiscIT Dashboard without using a license.

WiscIT License Overview

DoIT has a finite number of licenses for the WiscIT Cherwell product. Everyone who logs on to WiscIT consumes a license until they properly logoff of their session. When the maximum number of licenses is reached, no new users may log on to the product until a license is available.

For people who do not use WiscIT constantly throughout the day, using the Dashboard Viewer is a way to watch your dashboard without consuming a license. Once you click on one of your dashboard tiles to view an Incident, a Request, or a Problem, you will be prompted for your Signon/Password, and will at that time use a license. Once you have a license the only way to make that license available to others is to logoff of the Client (File --> Logout)

The Dashboard Viewer is only available through the Windows desktop client.

Accessing the Dashboard Viewer

To log on to the Dashboard Viewer on a Windows machine, you can simply search for Dashboard Viewer in the search menu.

Alternatively, go to Start --> Cherwell Service Management --> Tools --> Dashboard Viewer (you may have to click on "All Programs" on the Start menu to see the Cherwell Service Management folder).


You will be prompted to sign in, but will not use a license.

Dashboard Viewer Features

  • Note: while using Dashboard viewer, no new incidents can be created. Links, however, still function as usual.


In the file menu, clicking Go Home sets the dashboard back to the default slideshow or dashboard.


Clicking Options displays a pop-up menu where the user can select which dashboard or slideshow to default to.



Clicking on View gives either the option to toggle full screen mode or refresh the dashboard.



Clicking Dashboards opens up a menu. At the top is the Dashboard Manager, where users can select a dashboard to view out of their user folder or other team folders. For more information on the Dashboard Manager, see WiscIT - Using the Dashboard Editor

To view a recently opened dashboard, select it out of the list.




Clicking on Slideshows-->Slideshow Manager allows users to select an already created slideshow of dashboards to look at which are shown on a rotation.


To create a new slideshow in Slideshow Manager, open your user folder and select the CreateASlideshow.PNG button.


Once in the slideshow properties menu, users can name the slideshow, give it a description, select a display time, and click Add to add more dashboards to the slideshow. The Remove button removes a selected dashboard from the list. Once finished adding or removing dashboards, click OK to save the slideshow.


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