WiscList - Sending a Message to a WiscList

This document details the different ways to send a message to a WiscList. Messages can be sent to a WiscList mailing list using email or the ListManager interface.

Sending via Email

The easiest way to send a message to a WiscList mailing list is to send an email to listname@lists.wisc.edu, where listname is the name of the list you want to send to. For example, if the list name is mylist, the email address you should use to send to the list is mylist@lists.wisc.edu.

Sending via the ListManager Interface

A much more tedious and not recommended way to send mailings to the list is to use the ListManager interface. This should only be attemted by advanced users.

  1. Log in to the WiscList ListManager interface. Please see WiscList - Advanced List Management (List Manager).
  2. Verify the list you want to work with is selected. Please see WiscList (Advanced) - Working with Multiple Lists.
  3. Click Mailings on the left side of the interface to open the Mailings submenu, then click New Mailing
  4. Enter a Subject for your mailing.
  5. Compose your message within the HTML Message window and/or the Text Message window.
  6. When you're satisfied with the content of your message press the Save or Save and Test button.
  7. To send your message, click the Mailings button on the left side of the interface to open the Mailings submenu once again.
  8. Then click Approval and then Needs Approval.
  9. Finally, click the Send link on the line corresponding to your newly created message.

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