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WiscList Service Information and FAQ

DoIT offers a suite of List Services to meet a variety of needs, ranging from the self-service WiscList system to automated lists such as Advisorlists and WiscList Custom. This document provides answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to List Services and is especially intended for those looking to migrate from existing list serve systems. The List Services suite is made up of five distinct services, each of which is intended to meet different needs.

Service Information


A self-service system which allows UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students to create and manage their own email distribution lists.

WiscList Custom

Data-driven distribution lists which are populated with faculty/staff, student, or requestor-supplied data sets.

Mass Email

A fee-based email distribution service intended for UW-related, targeted communications. Mass email lists are operated by DoIT and distribute content provided by customers to the desired target audience.


Automatically populated lists, fed from Registrar data, intended for campus advisors for communicating with advisees.


I currently operate my own list serve, how can I get started with WiscList?

With a variety of services available, WiscList can tailor a solution to help meet your needs. Whether it's self-service WiscLists, data-driven custom WiscLists or a combination of our services, we'll help you migrate from your current solution to our suite of services. Visit any of the links above to get started with WiscList.

WiscList Custom lists and Advisorlists are generated automatically based on criteria you choose. Should you want assistance with any of the WiscList services, the DoIT Help Desk and WiscList team can provide the guidance and support to meet your needs.

How can I export lists from my current listserve product into WiscList?

Regular WiscLists allow for the import and export of member data to ease management and migration from existing listserves. See WiscList - Adding Many Members - Import/Export Tools for details about these processes.

What types of data-driven lists are available?

The WiscList Custom service offers three different types of data-driven lists. Each list must be requested through our web form located at, and are subject to approval. Once completed, lists are updated daily with members who match your selection criteria.

  • Student Data

    • Comprised of student names and email addresses.
    • Selection criteria: Year, Degree, Gender, Diversity, Citizenship.
    • Requests approved by Registrar's Office.
  • Faculty and Staff Data

    • Comprised of employee names and email addresses.
    • Selection criteria: Employee Class, UDDS, Job data.
    • Requests approved by OHR.
  • Requestor Supplied Data

    • Lists populated and updated automatically with your own datasets.
    • Work with WiscList group to automate dataset delivery.

Do I need to request updates to my WiscList Custom lists?

WiscList Custom lists are refreshed automatically on a daily basis, based on the criteria requested. For example, say you have WiscList Custom list containing all staff in your department. When a new staff member is entered in the HR system, they will automatically be added to this list. If you are using a Requestor Supplied list, you have the freedom to deliver your own datasets, at the interval you choose.

Who can use List Services?

Anyone with a NetID may create and manage a WiscList. Custom WiscLists are by request and are limited to departments and individuals with a valid business need.

How can I get help with lists if I need it?

The WiscList suite of services is available 24x7. We maintain a Knowledge Base that contains many useful tutorials and answers to common questions. Users may also obtain assistance by contacting the DoIT Help Desk, 7 days a week.

How will the Office 365 migration affect WiscList?

There will be little to no impact on our customers because WiscList services will require minimal changes to work with Office 365.

I just migrated my email address to Office 365 and I can't see my WiscLists.

If you updated your campus business email address in the directory, WiscList may not be aware of your old addresses. To re-link the WiscLists you manage in WiscList Admin, you may need to add your old address(es) as Verified Addresses. See WiscList - Managing Verified Addresses for details about this process.

WiscList Custom lists should not be affected, however you may want to update your email address via the WiscList Custom site. See WiscList Custom - Administration for more information.

I just migrated my email address to Office 365. How do I change my WiscList memberships?

WiscList provides the Global Address Change functionality to allow members to make bulk changes to their subscriptions. See WiscList - Global Subscription Options for more information about this utility.

This process will not work for WiscList Custom lists. These lists typically pull membership from your business email address indicated in the portal. If you need to change your administrator email address on a WiscList Custom list, see WiscList Custom - Administration for more information.

Can my list use a custom domain, or must it end in

All of our list services use the domain. If a department maintains their own domain, an alias address may be set up in that domain which points to the list. For example, if an alias for is created in your department's domain (i.e., messages sent to the address will be forwarded to the mailing list without having to publish the domain.

Is there a limit to the number of messages that can be sent?

By default, lists are setup to process 300 messages per day. If needed, this can be changed by request to accommodate lists which generate more traffic.

Is there a size limit or attachment limit to messages?

There is a 5MB limit to message size. File hosting services like UW-Madison Box can be used to store larger attachments which can then be linked to via WiscList messages. This size limit is in place to allow smooth operation of the WiscList services.

Are lists deleted if they are not used?

Self-service WiscLists are subject to removal after a 13-month period of inactivity. To prevent unintended removal of your WiscLists, List administrators are notified when a list is marked for deletion and can contact the DoIT Help Desk to renew the list.

How long are list mailings stored? Is archiving available?

WiscList mailings are stored for 5 days, but WiscList offers archiving on all lists. Public list archives can be reviewed by anyone with a NetID, or you can restrict your archives to members-only if you choose.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

If you need more answers, use one of the following resources:

  1. You can find a wealth of useful information and tutorials in the UW Knowledge Base. Just search the KB using keywords relevant to your issue.

    For example: If you're wondering how to change your list subscriptions, you might search "wisclist subscriptions" or "wisclist manage subscriptions".

  2. Contact the DoIT Help Desk

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