WiscList - Known Issues and Limits

This document details known issues and possible workarounds regarding WiscList. Note that issues listed below apply to WiscList, AdvisorList, Classlist (aka Classlist Utility) and WiscList Custom.

Mailing List Issues

WiscList will send a notification to list owners if there are no immediate recipients found for a sent mailing.


The warning message will look like this:

Your message was successfully distributed to list 'listname'.
However, no immediate recipients were found for your mailing.

You are receiving this message because the list is configured to
send a warning message to the sender when no active recipients are
found for a posting.


No immediate recipients will be found if one of the following is true:

  1. There are no members in the list.

  2. The mailing was sent to multiple lists, and all the members of one list are members of another list. For example: Consider the following two lists and their members:

    List A: John, Joe, Drew, Bob, Bill

    List B: John, Joe, Drew

    If a mailing is sent to both List A and List B simultaneously (a.k.a. cross-posting), WiscList will see that John, Joe, and Drew already received a copy of the mailing on List A and will not send to them on List B. WiscList discovers that there are no more people left on List B to e-mail, so it sends out a courtesy notice to the list owner.

Enable Cross-Posting

To allow mailing multiple lists, please follow the instructions in the following document: WiscList (Advanced) - Sending the Same Message to Multiple Lists (Cross-Posting).

If a list appends a footer to its messages and a message is posted with a large file attachment, it has been reported that the message's footer (containing unsubscribe information) becomes malformed. More specifically, the mail merge tags are not properly interpreted. To fix this issue, rewrite the footer (located at Utilities > List Settings > E-mail Submitted Content > Footer) to not include any mail merge tags. Mail merge tags have double percent signs (%%) surrounding them.

List members who are set to receive mail in digest format will receive attachments as plain text. To fix this, list administrators should set members who want digests to MIME digest. This will preserve any special coding, such as attachments, that may be sent in messages posted to the list. More information can be found here: WiscList - Receiving Digests

When a message has been digitally signed, the list-configured footer is left off of the message even if the list has been configured to always include one.

When digitally signing a reply or forward where the following conditions are true:

  1. The mailing was not digitally signed.
  2. The list makes use of footers with mail merge tags.

The digital signature can sometimes be invalidated. Testing indicates the behavior is reproducible when the footer from the original message finds its way into the body of the reply or forward. This can happen when the original is broken into pieces for the purpose of addressing certain sections of the original individually.

If your list is going to be receiving heavy traffic with PKI attachments, we suggest that you create a custom footer to override ListManager's default. This can be done by composing a footer in Utilities > List Settings > E-mail Submitted Content > Footer.

In an effort to prevent the negative impacts of mailing loops, WiscList imposes a limit of 300 messages with the same To-From address combination within a 24 hour period. Once a list has exceeded this limit, further messages will not be delivered. Contact wisclist@doit.wisc.edu for assistance.

WiscList imposes a limit of 5MB per message. Note that message size includes the size of any attachments. Encoding increases the size of the message up to 7mb which we allow. If you need to share a large file with members of your list, we recommend that you instead use a file hosting service like UW-Madison Box and direct your list members to download the file individually.

Other popular file hosting services include:

For security purposes, WiscList will not notify a non-member that their message was rejected. Administrators can check the incoming mail queue (Mailings > Mailing Status > Mail Queues > Mail Queue - Incoming) for rejection notices.

Under rare circumstances, a list may become moderated even when the "Is list moderated" setting (found in Utilities > List Settings > Email Submitted Content > Approval) shows "not moderated". If your list is forcing you to approve messages and list moderation is disabled please contact wisclist@doit.wisc.edu for assistance.

There is an issue with Qualtrics or other list software sending emails to lists including the List-Unsubscribe header, which is used by list members to unsubscribe. This causes WiscList to reject the message with the following error: Found 'List-Unsubscribe:' in body of list posting.


  1. Lists can be configured as 'Child Lists' and will accept these emails now: WiscList (Advanced) - Adding Lists as Members (Hierarchies).
  2. The survey administrator receives the email personally and then forwards the email to the list.
  3. The survey administrator adds each individual member of the list to the Qualtrics service in order to send out the email to them specifically.

Administration Interface Issues

Banned members can be created and will work, but cannot be viewed.

No solution currently available.

Discussion Forum Interface Issues

If you have different passwords to log into different lists, you may encounter a problem where the interface does not detect you as a member of the list. Technically, list members should be able to log into the discussion forum interface without a password. However, we are currently working out a bug that makes it difficult to do so. If a list member is a member of another list and has a password defined for that list, they cannot login to a list that has no password defined.

WiscList administrators can use the WiscList Password Reset and Synchronization Tool. To use the WiscList Password Reset and Synchronization Tool, visit the following URL and follow the on-screen instructions: https://admin.lists.wisc.edu/resetpwd

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