WiscList - "No immediate recipients were found"

WiscList will send a notification to list owners if there are no immediate recipients found for a sent mailing.


The warning message will look like this:

Your message was successfully distributed to list 'listname'.
However, no immediate recipients were found for your mailing.

You are receiving this message because the list is configured to
send a warning message to the sender when no active recipients are
found for a posting.


No immediate recipients will be found if one of the following is true:

  1. There are no members in the list.

  2. The mailing was sent to multiple lists, and all the members of one list are members of another list. For example: Consider the following two lists and their members:

    List A: John, Joe, Drew, Bob, Bill

    List B: John, Joe, Drew

    If a mailing is sent to both List A and List B simultaneously (a.k.a. cross-posting), WiscList will see that John, Joe, and Drew already received a copy of the mailing on List A and will not send to them on List B. WiscList discovers that there are no more people left on List B to e-mail, so it sends out a courtesy notice to the list owner.

  3. When one person attempts to post a seemingly identical message to the same mailing list or segment more than once in one day.

Enable Cross-Posting

To allow mailing multiple lists, please follow the instructions in the following document: WiscList (Advanced) - Sending the Same Message to Multiple Lists (Cross-Posting).

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