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WiscMail / WiscMail Plus - Quota FAQ

This document explains DoIT's policies regarding disk quotas on the WiscMail system.

WiscMail & WiscCal only
NOTE: This document is only applicable to WiscMail / WiscCal . If your account has been migrated to Office 365, please search the Office 365 KnowledgeBase for help. More information about the transition to Office 365 is available here.

What is quota?

Quota is the total amount of space the email messages you have stored on the server are allowed to use.

Important: Address book contents (via web client) are not included in the quota formula for your account.

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What folders are included in the quota limit?

Messages within all of your IMAP folders are counted towards your quota. This includes 'Trash' and 'Junk Mail' folders.

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What is my quota limit?

WiscMail / WiscMail Plus customers are limited to 25 GB of quota in preparation for the transition to Office 365.

WiscMail Plus customers' quota is set by the WiscMail Plus domain administrator(s) for that domain.

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What is the cost for additional quota?

There is no charge for additional quota.

For WiscMail Plus customers, contact your WiscMail Plus domain administrator(s) to request additional quota.

Important: Some email clients (desktop clients) may have problems interacting with large accounts. If you begin to have problems, review the client documentation.

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How can I tell if I am over quota?

At any time, you can check your current quota usage by logging into the WiscMail | WiscMail Plus web client. Near the bottom of the screen there is a line that tells your current quota usage.

WiscMail uses an automated quota management system that analyzes your email storage needs and assigns more space as needed. However, rapid increases in storage needs may require your to manually increase the amount of storage allocated to your account.

If this happens, you will receive a message from the WiscMail System Administration as you approach 100% of your quota. You will again be warned when you exceed 100%. In addition to e-mail warnings, logging in the WiscMail | WiscMail Plus web client when you are near quota will generate a pop up message warning of the quota situation.

Important: Another way to confirm the validity of the email quota warning message you may have received, is to review your quota information.

WiscMail users can increase their quota at anytime after their account reaches 90%. WiscMail Plus users can request additional quota from their administrator(s) at any time.

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When can I increase my quota?

WiscMail: The WiscMail system monitors your storage needs and increases your quota when you reach 90% of available space. This process runs once a week, so it may take a few days before your quota is automatically increased.

WiscMail Plus: Your quota can be increased by your domain administrator(s). Please contact your admins for quota requests.

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What will happen if I reach or exceed my quota?

If your quota needs to increase suddenly, the automated increase may not be able to keep up. If you reach your quota limit, it is possible for a large message to put you over capacity. Once you are at or above your quota limit, messages will no longer be delivered to your account. WiscMail and WiscMail Plus senders will see warning messages when they attempt to send email to your account, and the email will not be accepted. External senders will also be unable to send email to your account, and they will most likely receive notifications from their email providers that the message transmission was unsuccessful. Once adequate space has been made available in your account, new messages will begin to be delivered to your account.

While quota does not affect messages you send, if your mail client stores a copy of the sent message in an online folder and this does not fit in your quota, you may receive an error that your message cannot be sent because the copy cannot be created.

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How do I reduce my quota usage?

Good ways to reduce your total quota usage:

  1. If you are using a desktop client, move some of your mail to local folders.
  2. Delete mail from your sent mail folder you no longer need or do not save sent mail. If you do not need to keep copies of sent messages, WiscMail web mail users can make this change by going to Options->Settings and making sure the When sending a message place a copy in Sent check box is -NOT- checked under "Sent Messages".
  3. Make sure to empty your trash folder frequently. If you do not need to keep the mail you find in the trash folder you can chose to always empty this folder on logout. WiscMail web mail users can make this change by going to Options->Settings and making sure the Empty folder on logout is checked for the "Trash" folder under "Deleting Mail".
  4. Periodically delete messages you no longer need.

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