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WiscWeb - Reusable Content

There are times that you will want to create content once and use it multiple times throughout your site. The Reusable Content plugin can help with that.

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The Reusable Content plugin is a custom plugin built by WiscWeb developers to assist users with creating content that can be reused throughout a WiscWeb site. This content can be updated once in the Reusable Content area, and it will be updated in all locations the shared content is being used.

Activating the plugin

You can activate the Reusable Content plugin by following the instructions in this document: WiscWeb - Self service plugin activation / deactivation.

Creating reusable content

To access your reusable content, click on the Reusable Content option in the left menu of your dashboard area.

Reusable content menu option

Your existing reusable content will appear in the list. To create a new piece of content, click the Add New button at the top of the screen.

Add New button for reusable content

Give the reusable content a title, and then add whatever content that you want into the text editor area. You can content to this similar to a text block page element such as images, datatables, and forms. Once you have finished adding your content, click the Publish button to commit it.

Publish options for reusable content

Once published, you will notice a Shortcode value appears beneath the title area. This is the shortcode that you will use to place this content in multiple You can copy it to your clipboard, or it can be added when needed in a Text Block page element.

Placing reusable content

Navigate to the page or post that you want to place the reusable content on and you now have two options to place the content into a text area. You can either paste the shortcode into a text area:

Pasted shortcode for reusable content

Or you click the Find Reusable Content button, click on the content that you want to use here and the shortcode will be automatically copied. Then you can paste the copied shortcode into the text area:

Reusable content list

This content will be visible when the page or post is published or updated and viewed in your browser.

Find where reusable content is being used

Once reusable content has been used, you can easily find what pages currently have shortcodes in use. Navigate to the Reusable Content section again, and click on the Pages with Reusable Content menu option. A list will appear with pages or posts that contain the reusable content shortcode(s).

Pages using reusable content

You can hover over the page or post title, and click the Edit link to edit the content if necessary.

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