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WiscWeb - Creating Faculty/Staff Members

This document will walk you through adding faculty and staff members to your site using the Faculty/Staff menu.

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The Faculty/Staff Members in the left hand column of your main WordPress administrator screen allows you to create a repository of people that you can use to display on pages via page elements, menus, and faculty types.

How to add faculty/staff to your site

  1. In the main WordPress menu in the left hand column, select Faculty/Staff Members.
  2. At the top of the Faculty/Staff Members screen, select Add New. You can also select the Add New link below the Faculty/Staff Members menu in the left column.
  3. You will be presented with the Add New Faculty/Staff Member screen. You will have the following options:

Add Faculty Staff Member Image One    Add Faculty Staff Member Image Two

    • First Name: First Name of the new faculty/staff member.
    • Last Name: Last Name of the new faculty/staff member.
    • Headshot: Click Add Image to add an image of the new faculty/staff member. To ensure consistency in how the faculty and staff display on your site, you will want to make all headshot images the same size (width x height). Please remember to always add Alt Text for any image that you are going to use on your site.
    • Email: Email address of the new faculty/staff member.
    • Phone: Phone number of the new faculty/staff member.
    • Title: Title of the new faculty/staff member.
    • Address: Address of the new faculty/staff member.
    • Linkedin: You can add the URL of this faculty/staff member's LinkedIn page.
    • Biography: Biography of the new faculty/staff member.
    • Extra fields: You can now add additional information regarding your faculty or staff member by using the Extra Fields option. To add an extra field, click the blue Add extra data button. You are prompted then for a Label, a Value, and if you want to you can add a URL to link to some other page or post.

    Extra Fields section

      • Excerpt: Excerpt for the new faculty/staff member.
      • In the right hand column, choose a Faculty Type (if necessary). For a description of Faculty Types, see the instructions below.
      • Faculty Types: Faculty types (discussed further below) allow you to categorize your faculty, staff, or important people. You can create new Faculty Types quickly by typing in a value (like Staff) and hitting Enter.
      • Research Areas: Research Areas (discussed further below) allow you to create filterable topics for your faculty, staff, or important people. You can create new Research Areas quickly by typing in a value (like Chemistry) and hitting Enter.
      • Click Publish to save the changes.

        Using faculty types

        Faculty Types allow you to categorize your faculty members and use those Faculty Types to control what displays on any given page. For example, if you had a faculty member named Bucky Badger with Faculty Types "Mascot" and "Mammal", Bucky Badger would display on any pages in which you designate the Faculty Types of Mascot or Mammal should display. It would not appear on other Faculty Type pages.

        1. Click on Faculty Types in the left hand column under the Faculty/Staff Members menu.
        2. To create a new Faculty type, fill out name, slug (optional), parent (optional), and description (optional).
        3. Click on Add New Faculty Type to add it to your list of Faculty Types.

        the options available on the faculty type screen

        Using research areas

        A further way to differentiate your Faculty/Staff members is to also provide a Research Area value for them. Similar to Faculty Types, you can create them as you are adding the new member or choose already existing values from the list.

        Research areas selection box

        These Research Areas can be used in a Faculty/Staff Listing Page Element to further filter the results from that list.

        Adding faculty/staff pronouns

        Faculty/Staff member pages have been updated to allow for a new field called Pronouns:

        Pronouns field with example shown

        It is recommended that you enter pronouns as follows: 

        • Lowercase letters
        • No spaces
        • Separated with slashes (/)

        Adding faculty/staff members to pages

        Once you've added your faculty/staff members to the Faculty/Staff Members section, you can add them to your pages by using the Faculty Staff Listing Page Element or Faculty Types in your menus.

        WiscWeb - Faculty/Staff Listing Page Element

        WiscWeb - Creating and Editing a Menu

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