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WiscWeb - Upgrading Redirection database

The Redirection plugin requires that users upgrade their database from time to time. When this is required, a banner will be displayed at the top of the dashboard. If you see a banner indicating that the Redirection database needs upgrading, these steps will need to be followed by an administrator on your project.  

Backup your redirects

The Redirection plugin has a nice option for downloading a backup of your redirects. We encourage you to utilize this option as we cannot promise that the upgrade will not affect what you've already built out.

  1. Navigate to Tools > Redirection
  2. At the top of the page, you should see a message titled Redirection database needs upgrading
  3. Within the message, there is a link for "downloading a backup"
  4. Click on the link

    Screenshot of Redirection plugin update message

  5. A new tab may open and your browser will begin downloading a .json file of your redirects. Save this file locally, in case you need it later.

**If you find that the update changes your redirects in any way, you can import the .json file to reset your redirects.

Upgrade database

The next step is to update the database.

  1. While still viewing your Redirection landing page (Tools > Redirection), click on the blue Upgrade Database button in the note at the top of the page

    Redirection plugin update message with an arrow to the upgrade button

  2. Your site will run through the updates
  3. Eventually, your screen will show a Progress: 100% message
  4. Click on the blue Finished! button

Screenshot of successful update message from Redirection plugin in WiscWeb

Import a .json backup file (optional)

If you noticed that your redirects are not working as expected after this upgrade, you can try importing the .json file that you downloaded initially:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Redirection
  2. Select the Import/Export link at the top of the page

    List of links with the "Import/Export" option highlighted

  3. In the Import area, choose Add File

    Import option within the Redirection plugin

  4. Search for your locally stored .json file and upload it

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