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WiscWeb - Displaying publications on a faculty/staff page

Users may display a list of publications on a faculty/staff biography page within the UW Theme. The steps below will walk you through this process.

Step 1: Setup your faculty/staff members

If you haven’t already, you’ll first need to create your faculty/staff member(s).

The instructions for this process are located in WiscWeb - Creating Faculty/Staff Members.

Step 2: Create your publications

After you’ve created your faculty/staff member, you can create the publication that you’d like to associate with them.

  1. First, follow the instructions listed in WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Using the Publications Plugin to set up your publication

  2. Instead of manually entering author information, select the Add Author button and choose Staff Member

    Add author button

  3. Select the staff member from the list or keyword search their name

    Staff member field

  4. Give the staff member a role (principal author, editor, or co-editor)

  5. Continue filling out the publication information as needed and publish

Step 3: Place the publications shortcode on the faculty/staff member page

Next, you’ll need to include a shortcode on your new faculty/staff member page.

  1. Navigate back to the faculty/staff member page that you just created.

  2. In the main biography section, paste in the following code where you want your publications to appear (include the brackets): [uw_publications]

    Publications shortcode in a text editor box

  3. Publish your edits

Step 4: Update your publication display settings

Finally, you’ll need to update the settings for how you’d like your publications to display on the page.

  1. On your faculty/staff member page, scroll to the top of the page and select the Screen Options dropdown in the top right corner of the screen

    Screen Options dropdown

  2. Check the box that says Publications Listing

    Publications listing checkbox with a checked box

  3. Scroll down on the page until you can see a new box titled Publications Listing
  4. Check the box to display the publications listing

    Display publications toggle

  5. Scroll down to the Display Settings tab

    Display settings tab

  6. Set the following fields as desired:
    • Publications List
    • Title
    • How to Sort Publications
    • Publications Sort Order
    • Maximum Posts per Page (enter “-1” to show all post or enter the number desired)
    • Publications Category

  7. For the Faculty/Staff Filter field, search for your faculty/staff member (if it isn’t already showing up)

    Faculty/Staff filter field

  8. Publish your edits

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