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WiscWeb - Updating the Site Title, Tagline, Tagline URL, and Site Icon

This document will walk you through updating your site title, tagline, and site icon/favicon.

In this document:


The Site Identity section allows you to update site-wide settings that will allow you to customize certain values that will help with search engine optimization and user recognition.


Only site administrators will have the ability to adjust the Site Identity values in the site customizer section.

Adjusting Site Identity settings

There are four options within the Site Identity section. To access the section:

  1. Click on Appearance

    Dark gray background with white text that says "Appearance"

  2. Click on Customize

    Dark gray background with a list of words. The word "Customize" is highlighted in blue text.

  3. Click on Site Identity

    Light gray background with blue text that says "Site Idenity"


  • Enter a Site Title. This is the larger text that appears in red on your site

  • Enter a Tagline. This is the smaller text that appears in gray beneath the Site Title

  • You may choose to link your tagline to an external website by entering a URL into the Tagline URL field

  • For Site Icon, you may choose an icon that you would like to appear in browser tabs
    Note: Favicons should be either 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels in dimension

  • For a Default Meta Image, you can choose an image that will be the default that is visible when something from within the site is shared via social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

    Light gray background with a list of text and boxes that display various setting options for the Customizer in WordPress

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