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WiscWeb - File size uploads to Media Library

This document outlines our recommendations for uploading files into the Media Library.

Media Library limitations

The Media Library in WiscWeb has a file upload size limit of 24 MB. If your file exceeds 24 MB in size, you will get an error.

Different file types


When discussing images there are two things to consider.

  • The image dimensions
  • The file size (number of kilobytes)

WordPress generates a variety of different sizes that are both different dimensions and file sizes for images after you upload one to the Media Library. These generated image files are used in different locations in the UW Theme and provide responsive images for different screen sizes. The files that WordPress produces are optimized in size (kilobytes) for faster loading web pages.

Because of this, you can upload a larger size image to the Media Library, but should ensure that reduced-size images are shown on your website.


If you upload an image that is 2.5 megabytes and choose to display the “Large” version on your page, your site visitor may only see an image that is 135 kilobytes and will load much faster than if you display the original “Full Size” image.


  • Keep image uploads below 3 MB
  • Do not use “Full Size” to display your large file size images unless your image has been optimized for the web (saved as a smaller file size)

Media Library display settings options with the "large" file size highlighted in blue.

How can you save a photo as a smaller file size?


  • Videos should never be hosted in the Media Library.
  • You are encouraged to use YouTube, Vimeo, or Kaltura for video hosting.


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