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WiscWeb - Unexpected Response from Server Error

Users may receive an error upon attempting to upload media items to the Media Library from time to time, which could be caused by special characters being used in the file name.

'Unexpected response from server' error message

When uploading a file to the Media Library, such as an image or PDF, you may receive an error with little information as to what the actual issue is.


Error received within Media Library

Overview of the issue

There are a couple different reasons that you could be receiving this message, but the most common reason is because you included special characters in the filename. Examples of special characters include:
  • Exclamation points (!)
  • At symbols (@)
  • Pound signs/hashtags (#)
  • Dollar signs ($)
  • Percentage signs (%)
  • Caret symbol (^)
  • And symbol/ampersand (&) 
  • Asterisks (*)
  • Apostrophes (')
  • Quotes (")
  • Semi-colons (;)


  1. Remove any special characters from the file name. Use hyphens (-) to represent spaces
  2. Try uploading the file again 
  3. If the issue still occurs after removing the special characters, please send an email to with the following information:
    1. Your website URL
    2. A description of the issue
    3. Mention WiscWeb in the Subject line
    4. Include an attachment of the file that was failing for you

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