WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Hyperlinking the Site Tagline

This document demonstrates how to add code to the tagline field in the Customizer to make this text a clickable link.


  1. Navigate to your dashboard in WiscWeb

  2. Hover over Appearance and choose Customize

  3. Select the Site Identity option

  4. In the Tagline field, you will need to add the following HTML before your text:

    <a href ="websiteURLhere">

  5. In-between the quotation marks, you should type in the full URL of the site you would like to link to (example: https://wiscweb.wisc.edu/)

  6. At the very end of the tagline, you will need to add the closing tag for the hyperlink:


  7. Select the blue Publish button

  8. Note: Your tagline will appear in blue after it has been linked


<a href="https://wiscweb.wisc.edu/">WiscWeb Website Link</a>

yellow: opening hyperlink tag with URL reference

pink: tagline text

blue: closing hyperlink tag

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