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WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Using the Publications Plugin

The Publications plugin allows you to create a list of published books and articles and display it on pages and Faculty/Staff member posts in a formatted list.

To create a Publication Post, please follow these steps:

  1. Click Publications in the left menu to access the full list of your publications.

    Publications Menu Option

  2. At the top of the screen, click Add New to begin adding a new publication. This is also where you can edit any existing publications if needed.

    Add New Publication

  3. First you will need to add a post title (ideally, the name of the Publication) as well as a Publication title. Both can be the same, but be sure to give the Publication title in the right location.

    Post Title and Publication Title

  4. Next, click through the tabs to add the relevant information. First, click the Add Author button to add either an author or editor to this publication. A Staff Member would include anyone you have added to your Faculty/Staff Members section. If you need to add someone who you have not added as a Faculty / Staff Member, select Author from the popup menu.

    Add Staff Member or Add Author

    Add Author details

  5. Continue by clicking on the Publishing Information tab.

    Publishing Information details

  6. Here, you can enter information about the Publisher, the year published, volume, issue, and page numbers, as well as a brief blurb about the publication.
  7. Continue entering information for the publication by clicking on Attachments.

    Attachments tab details

  8. Here you can add external links (such as a publisher's website); additional files to make available for download; and attach an image (such as a book's cover).
  9. You can also begin to "categorize" publications by using the Publications Types section in the right.

    Publications Types dialogue area

  10. To add a new Publications Type, click the Add New Publications Type link.
  11. Add in your publication type value, and hit the Enter key.

    Adding publications types

  12. Put a check in the types that you want to use for this publication. These Publication Types can be used later in the shortcode by adding the parameter "publication-type=type".

Once you have entered all of the relevant information for this publication, click Publish in the upper right corner of the page to make it live.

Continue to add publications as necessary.

To display publications on a page, follow these steps:

  1. On a page, at the top you should now see a Publications Listing section. To activate the publications list, click the checkbox for Yes.

    Publications Listing dialogue area

  2. Once that is clicked, you are presented with options for your publications list regarding a title for the list, what publications to show, and the sorting order for the list.

    Additional details for Publications List

  3. You can also limit what fields are shown in the Publications List by clicking on the Fields to Show tab.

    Fields to Show tab options

  4. Once you have set all of the values, notice the shortcode necessary to place the list in a Text Block :: [uw_publications]. Use this code to display the list. You can also use the shortcode on page to add parameters, for example to specify multiple lists with different Publication Types, you could use the shortcode like this:

    [uw_publications publication-type= "2015"] or [uw_publications publication-type= "faculty"]

  5. shortcode being used in a text block

  6. Be sure to Update or Publish your page to place the list. Once that is done, you can then view the page to see your list.

    Publications List on a page

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