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WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - UW Theme Change from CAPS Headings

The following document will walk you through how to ensure that the headings on your site will display as expected following the update of the UW Theme to remove CAPS headings from most elements.

Description of the Change

The UW Theme has historically shown headings and titles in all CAPS. Following January and March 2021 updates, most headings will be now be displayed exactly as they are typed into the editing view of the page:

  • If typed in lowercase letters, they will appear in lowercase letters. 
  • If typed in all CAPS, they will appear in all CAPS.
  • If typed in sentence case, they will appear in sentence case. 
  • (and so on)

Affected elements:

  • Page titles
  • Headings in Text Blocks (H2s, H3s, etc) **Updated 3/4/21
  • Row headlines
  • H2 and H3 headings for page elements (like Post Lists and Featured Content Blocks)
  • Group of Links menus
  • Fac/staff titles **Updated 4/14/22

Unaffected elements (elements that will remain in CAPS currently):

  • Utility Menu links
  • Breadcrumb links
  • Button text
  • "More" links for post lists
  • Author names for quotes
  • Footer menu list headings

How to Update My Headings

The following steps will have to be repeated on every page of your site to ensure that your headings are changed as desired:
  1. Visit the editing view of the page
  2. Double check your page title

    Page title change

  3. Open the Row settings (gear icon in top right) for each row of your page and check your Headline fields

    Row Headline Change

  4. Look in each Text Block and ensure that any text typed using a heading (h2, h3, etc) is written as you wish it to display

    Text Block Changes

  5. Check each page element on the page for a title, heading, headline, or header text as these will likely be styled as H2 or H3 headings in the UW Theme (examples: Post Lists, Featured Content Blocks, Fac/Staff Listings, etc.)

    Page Element Change

  6. Remember to publish often to save your new changes


  • Can I undo this change? 
    This change cannot be undone. It has been updated at the UW Theme level in order to improve readability of headings in campus websites using the theme. This will not be overridden in WiscWeb via a child theme.

  • Can I still have my headings appear in CAPS?
    If you prefer, you can still have your headings appear in CAPS. You will need to type them this way into the page editor. However, we do not recommend this as it limits readability and can introduce numerous accessibility concerns - especially for users navigating the site with a screen reader.

  • What is the most accessible way to type my headings?
    We recommend retyping all headings (using the steps above) to be sentence case for best readability. Title casing is acceptable, but can make all words look like proper nouns, which can be jarring for some users.

  • Why do some headings still appear in CAPS? 
    When the headings were changed, the goal was not to change every CAPS element from the theme. Some elements will remain in CAPS to offer some visual contrast - especially in areas of the page that have a lot of condensed links. 

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