Swivl Instructor Guide

A guide for instructors on how to operate a Swivl robot for different types of lecture recordings.

This KB article serves as a guide for instructors on how to use SWIVL recording system at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Please note that the setup and operation plan for WSB SWIVL units requires the instructor to both set up and operate the recording devices: This information is covered in Workflow below. 

An Introduction

The Swivl is a robot that facilitates professors to record lectures for hybrid instruction without changing their normal activities in the classroom - it consists of:

  • A robot tracking base (usually placed on a tripod)

  • An instructor tracking Marker/microphone

  • Four student  tracking Marker/microphone

To facilitate recording, the SWIVL uses an Android or iOS device (tablet or phone) which is often provided by the instructor/user.


Using the SWIVL unit, the instructors presents in front of the class as normal while holding the instructor marker. The Swivl robot will follow the instructor while recording the audio through the marker. Once the recording is completed, the recording is uploaded to the SWIVL Cloud service, where it is transcoded and may be viewed, shared or downloaded by the instructor.


There are two supported options for lecture recording - they may be used independent or simultaneously:

  • Screencast: Using the Marker, the instructor shares computer-desktop content in addition to their recorded footage. Once the recording is completed, the desktop recording becomes viewable as part of the recorded presentation.

  • Multi-Marker Sessions: The instructor presents in front of the class as normal while holding a marker. During the presentation, the instructor may then grant “control” to one of four student markers, located throughout the room. The Swivl robot tracks the Markers, which are held by the students. Once the recording is completed, any student content becomes viewable as part of the recorded presentation.


Inquiries and Training

Currently the Wisconsin School of Business offers the SWIVL solution to all interested Business School instructors. A 30 minute training session is required.

To inquire more concerning SWIVL use, please contact Teaching & Learning Services at teaching@wsb.wisc.edu, and someone will reach out to you.


Setup and Operation 

Operating a SWIVL in your classroom is an easy process, consisting of four steps.

This process will describe the placement and configuration of the Apple iPad which you were given: Please note that user-specific information marked in red will be provided to you at a different time.

Scheduling and delivery of SWIVL Base:

Unless otherwise scheduled, the SWIVL base and all accessories will be delivered in advance to your classroom: It will be positioned and ready for use.

SWIVL Default Setup

Setting up to record

Your SWIVL base should have been set up for you in advance, with all required components in close proximity. This process will cover the placement and connection of your iPad.

  • Log into your iPad by sweeping up, and enter the device passcode provided to you.

  • Verify that you are on the Grainger WiFi network

  • Please note the battery charge:

    • The SWIVL base will not charge your iPad while in use - it is important to have a large enough charge to assure your recording is intact.

      • A standard 1-hour class may require a 40% charge

      • A standard 2-hour class may require an 80% charge

  • Place the iPad in the base

  • Connect the iPad to the base via the cable

Properly Connected iPad

  • Press the right power button on the base (it will turn green - you may need to hold for several seconds):

    • The iPad will sense the base and ask permission to run the SWIVL application: Press ‘Allow'

    • Note that if you need to find it, the SWIVL application is the blue “S” icon on the iPad’s desktop.

  • The SWIVL app will open: If you do not see your “camera view” recording screen, select the small turquoise “camera” button on the right side of the desktop.

  • Remove the instructor’s Marker from the base and turn the Marker’s power on: The left “+” button in the base will change from red to green.

  • You are now ready to record:

    • If you are using an additional feature, refer directly below

    • If you are recording using only the iPad camera, proceed to the ‘Recording Your Session’ section below.

Optional Setup Instructions

Student Marker Use

  • Remove the markers from the charging cable

  • Distribute the markers around the room

  • Students will need to turn on the markers to speak:

    • Select the upper green power button

Desktop Screencast

  • Place the SWIVL Screencast application on your PC

  • If connecting your screencast device to a projection system (via HDMI etc.) is important that you first do this before proceeding.

  • Run the Screencast application: You will be prompted to enter a six-digit session code

  • Verify that you are in the “camera” mode of the iPad SWIVL app:

    • Select the square grey ’Screencast’ button, located on the left side of the screen.

    • The system will connect and display your six-digit session code

  • Enter the six-digit session code in the Screencast app: Once connection is verified you will now be able to set up your desktop presentation content.

    • Note that entering the session code will present a popup notice on your iPad: Select the “X” to close the notice.


Recording Your Session


Once you have set up your iPad/SWIVL device, and configured its options, you will then be ready to record your sessions. This section will walk you through the process and options.


Before recording you must check your unit’s auto-tracking. Note that the center marker on you  Instructor marker allows you to activate/deactivate your unti’s automatic tracking: 

  • If when moving you find that your camera does not track your position, press the “center” button on the Instructor marker.

  • You may press the “center” to reverse the tracking option.


Also, when auto-tracking is “off”, you may manually direct the camera’s direction/view:

  • Press a directional arrow button on your Instructor marker: after a several seconds the camera will move in that direction

  • To return the camera to track you, press the “center” button

Starting, Pausing and Ending Your  Recording

To start and pause your recording sessions you will use the small red button on the side of your Instructor Marker. 



Please note that your device’s recording options have been set to Start/Pause/Resume, meaning that after initially starting your recording, pressing the Record again will either pause or continue your recording.


To end/complete your recording you will need to press the square Recording button on the iPad: Once selected you will have two options:

  • You may rename your current recording and press DONE.

  • You may press DELETE and start over.


Once a recording has been saved (DONE) you may again repeat the recording process, although it is important to note that if you are using the Screencast option (described above) you will need to again repeat that process.


Importantly, please note that once you complete a recording, it will begin uploading to your SWIVL cloud account: This upload process is automated and you may continue to record without impacting performance.


When Done Recording

When you have completed your recording, and press DONE, there are several things to note and do.

Letting the Optional ScreenCast to Upload

If using the Screencast application (on your PC), do not quit the application until it has finished uploading your desktop recordings (this may take several minutes)

Collecting and Charging the Equipment

To assist those who follow your session, is important that all SWIVL equipment is returned to the starting status by which you found them:

  • Collect the Student Markers (if used)

    • Verify that the Student Markers are turned off

    • Plug the Markers back into their charging cables

  • Turn off your Instructor Marker and return it to the top of the SWIVL base (this will charge the Marker)

  • Press the right power button in the base (may need to hold for several seconds): The light will turn off

  • Remove your iPad

Uploading Your Recorded iPad Footage

As mentioned above, upon completion of a recording your iPad SWIVL software will begin uploading it to your iPad - this process may take awhile depending upon the number and size of your recordings.

Please note that while a recording is uploading to your SWIVL cloud account, it will be safely kept on the iPad until upload is complete.


With the above in mind, if pressed for time you may turn off/close your iPad without negatively impacting your file or upload: The video/s will continue to upload when you next turn on the SWIVL iPad app.

Charge your iPad

It is very important that your iPad retains a full charge so: Make sure you charge it whenever  possible.

Accessing and Managing Your Uploaded Files

Once fully uploaded to the cloud your files will be processed and become available to you. You will then be able to share a link so your students may access.

Please note that depending on the length of your videos, as well as the current “load” on the cloud service, it may take up to one working day for your videos to become available.

Accessing your Videos

To access your videos, log into the SWIVL-Pro website, using the Username and Password which was assigned to you when you received your iPad: https://www.swivl.com

Please note that the default page will display many videos which are not yours: Select the “Library” menu option to view your videos

As mentioned above, if your video upload is still marked as “uploading” you will need to turn on your iPad’s SWIVL app to let it continue.

If your video upload is still marked as “processing” you may need to wait until the cloud service finishes preparing your video, however you may still be able to rename it and share its link

To rename a video:

  • Select a video from your ‘Library’: The video’s page will open

  • place your cursor over the title

  • select the pencil icon

To share your video:

  • Select a video from your ‘Library’: The video’s page will open

  • Select the turquoise ’Share’ button

  • Select ‘Weblink’

  • Select 'Create Weblink’

  • You may now copy the link and share it with your students

Support Options

There are several ways to find or request assistance:

Hardware Support

Questions related to SWIVL scheduling, SWIVL setup, and other hardware-related needs should be directed to ITS: support@wsb.wisc.edu

Training and Operation Support

Questions related to SWIVL operation, best practices and pedagogic use should be directed Teaching & Learning: teaching@wsb.wisc.edu

“Just In Time” Support and References

For general documentation and information, please browse to the SWIVL Support Site: https://swivl.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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