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AT - Portable Video Projector (Crash Cart) Set up

There are two video carts available for use when there is a failure with any of the projectors in any of the classrooms in the WSOB, or whenever a projector is needed outside of the classrooms.

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Available hardware:

There are two carts available:

-"Crash Cart 1": Close range projector. Usually preferred for classes since it can be set up right in front of the projector screen, so it does not disturb the professor with the beam of light while lecturing.

-"Crash Cart 2": Long range projector. More powerful and better quality. Can be used in almost any configuration.

-All of the carts have a power cord  with an extension, an HDMI cord, a VGA cord, an AUX audio cord, and a key to the back of the podiums.

The setup involves the following steps:

1. Bring the following equipment to the requested room or area in the building.

a. Select the appropriate cart.

b. Make sure the cables are in the cart.

c. A laptop or an adapter might be required depending on what setup the lecturer is using, those can be found in room 1290.

d. For special VIP events, make sure to include a black cloth to cover the cart

2. Place the projector in the room so it can project to a screen or the wall according to the event manager's instructions. The distance of the projector to the screen controls in part the size of the image you can project.

3. Lock the wheels of the projector so it does not move from the selected spot.

4. Pull down the projector screen or set up the portable screen as needed

5. During a classroom emergency, if the professor is using the podium computer, take he back cover out of the podium, route the HDMI cable and connect it to the "HDMI Input 1". If the lecturer is using a personal laptop,

    the same process can be done, or the projector can be connected directly to the device. Otherwise, connect the projector to the device.

6. Turn on the projector by pressing the “Power” button

7. Select the correct input in the AMX panel, or turn the computer/laptop on.

8. Take off the lens cap from the lens of the projector.

9. Select the correct input on the projector. 

10. Adjust the focus, height, and the distortion settings of the projection as needed. Some projectors have buttons for this, others are manual.

11. Adjust the height, Some projectors have buttons for this, others are manual. You should familiarize yourself with the systems of all the projectors in the office.

12. After the projector has been used, stored the cables of the projectors as they were before, and return any equipment from room 1290 to its corresponding place.

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