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AV - Learning Commons Technology: Finance and Analytics Lab (FAL)

A summary of what's capable in the new Learning Commons Finance and Analytics Lab, 1210B.

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About the Finance and Analytics Lab (FAL):

This is a technology-rich space that provides students and instructors with the necessary hardware, software, and dataset access to do market analysis. The lab seats 45 students. The furniture and technology are configured to facilitate small group work and for instructors to employ a variety of active teaching methodologies.

Room Characteristics:

Student Tables: The FAL has 45-seats distributed in nine tables for five students each. The single station at the end of each table (aka the ‘end-cap’) has Bloomberg Terminal installed. You can tell by the use of the dual-display and the proprietary (multi-colored) keyboard. Bloomberg is only installed on these end-cap machines in the lab. Aside from this, all other computers in the tables have the same software.

Instructor Lectern: The lectern is the instructor's station located near the entrance of the room. It has the controls to set the AV in the room the way your teaching style requires.

What can you do in this rooms with AV?

  • Display content from the room’s Windows-based instructor computer located on the movable lectern. We recommend that you use this workstation whenever possible.

  • Wirelessly display your or your students AV content from any portable device like a laptop, tablet, or cell phone

  • Display the content from any table’s end-cap computer to the entire room.


Students logging on to the computers

Each student computer requires the user to enter his/her NetID and password. It will take a moment for the computer to log in so we recommend that the students do this as soon as they are seated at the table.
Instructors at the podium will use their Grainger Username and Password so that they may access folders and files that are hosted on the WSB network.


Operating the Lectern Control Panel:
Upon entering the room, the control panel displays a black screen. To wake it up, simply touch the panel lightly. Touch the panel again to get to the controls for the room’s audio and displays.


To display content from the Lectern Computer to all Displays:

  1. On the control panel make sure that the settings are set to Instructor under the Input Mode column and then select Lectern Computer on the table layout on the right hand side. The selected setting should become white when selected.
  2. Login to the computer by typing in your username and password. 
  3. What appears on your computer screen will then appear on each of the wall-mounted displays in the room.


To display content from the Windows-based computer at the end-cap of each table to the wall-mounted displays of that table:

  1. On the control panel, make sure that the settings are set to Student under the Input Mode column and Computer under the Monitor column.
  2. What appears on the end-cap computer’s screen will then also appear on the wall displays for that table.
  3. If you want to share that table’s work with the rest of the room, select Instructor and then press the corresponding table number in the right-hand diagram.
To wirelessly display content from a laptop:
  1. This room also has the capability of displaying content through a wireless connection to a laptop or other Android/Windows/iOS based device. 
  2. To do this as an instructor, the control panel must be set at Student on the Input Mode column and Wireless Video under the Monitor column.
  3. The wall-mounted displays will then change screens that contain an IP address. Enter this IP# into a browser and follow instructions to download/utilize the necessary software.
To give control to individual monitors:
  • This room also gives you access to display multiple forms of information on separate monitors. 
  • Select the Individual input mode and additional controls for left and right monitors will appear. You can then select left Wireless Video, and Right Computer for example to make it so that the right monitor on the Lectern computer is visible on the right monitors, but the left monitor is showing a Solstice pod. Allowing you to mix and match content from various sources. 


audio control selection

By default, the audio in the FAL plays through the room speakers in the ceiling. There is a lavaliere microphone in the podium if a speaker requires voice amplification.

The control panel has three different options for controlling volume. The two on the left-hand side are the controls for volume produced at the podium. This includes the Mic and the Lectern’s computer (be it a wirelessly connected laptop/alternative device or the actual Windows based desktop).

On the right-hand side is a volume control button called Monitor Volume (All Monitors). By default the audio is turned all the way down since you will typically use the room speakers or individual headphones for instruction. The only use case scenario for this audio slider is that all students are connecting to their displays separately for group work, and they require audio playback for their group. This can get messy however as all monitors will be at the same volume, and will overlap, as such, use of this volume slider is not recommended.

How to Use the Wireless Mic in the FAL
If touch panel is black, press on the screen to wake it up. Touch once more to get to controls. 
A wireless microphone can be found inside of the lectern. Remove the mic pack from the cradle and flip the power switch ON. A green light will indicate that it is working. 
Clip the mic just above your sternum and use the Mic level on the touch panel to adjust the ceiling speaker volume. If you get feedback over the speakers, lower the clip on your shirt until the feedback goes away.
When done, turn the mic off and return it to the cradle in the podium.

At the end of class:

Make sure that you and your students log out of the computers at the tables, and make sure you have turned off the system on the AMX panel. To do so, you must click "Turn System Off" and then "Yes Shutdown."

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