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How to post announcements and PowerPoint slides in the Visix monitors in the Wisconsin School of Business. This is based in an already created template.

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Visix Document Posting:

Grouping Content Together - Making a Playlist

After you have uploaded your desired images. Click on Import once again. Following, click on Select Previously Imported File.

Find the file you intend to add into a playlist - it will be titled with the Message Name you designated earlier. The image will appear on the right hand side of your screen, allowing you to double check this is the desired image. If so, click on Group (found just above the image).

You will then be taken back to the screen you began importing on. Complete the process as many times as necessary to Group all images together that you wish to use as your playlist. Once completed, hit Next.

By hitting Next, you will be taken to this screen:

visix uploading images

Here includes the information necessary to schedule your playlist. If you would like to cycle through the selected images. Use the arrow found just below the image preview on the right hand side of the screen.

If you do not have a designated duration in which you would like the screen to play, you do not need to worry about the Schedule portion of the screen. This can always be changed later.

What is more important, however, is the Playlists portion of the screen.

Which playlist you select to assign your images to will be the playlist you select in the Layout template. It is critical to remember this, as otherwise your images will not appear properly when you display them on the the Visix connected monitors.

Once you have selected the desired playlist. Click Done at the top right of the screen. Your images will now be synced with a playlist.

Editing Playlists

To edit content on a playlist, click on Now Playing at the top of the screen and then Playlists. This will take you to a screen like this:

editing playlists

In this window, you can not only edit content, but also remove it from your playlist, or delete it altogether. Coinciding with each image is a group of tabs with the ability to complete these actions. These can be found under the Message Actions column.

You can move the selected image up or down on the playlist cycle, remove it from the schedule, edit its schedule, or ungroup it.

If you would like to delete the whole playlist, the left side of the screen will show a Group Actions column. This contains similar actions to that of the Message/Image Actions column, however, it will apply to the entire playlist. To remove the playlist, click Remove From Schedule. The images will still be in the system, but they will no longer be grouped together, nor designated to a specific playlist.

Scheduling an Individual Image

Instead of scheduling an entire playlist to a monitor, you can also schedule an individual image to a Playlist. To do this, go to Schedule > Content.

This will show the images that you have imported into the system, versus Manage which will show you all images imported (even from other users). Once here, find the image you like and click schedule on the left hand side.

This will take you to a screen that looks just like the one you scheduled the playlist on. The only difference from that process is that you are designating a single image to a playlist rather than multiple images.

Individual image

Once you have chosen the playlist, click Done and your image will be scheduled and able to use in the Layout template.

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