AT-How to use a Document Camera

Document cameras are available in all classrooms in the school of business. Each document camera is connected to the overhead projector in the classroom. Document cameras replace the function of old overhead projectors and also introduce new features. They can display a multitude of items, including paper documents, newspapers, transparent overhead projector slides, and electronic tablets in occasions when high quality projection is not needed.

Short video on using the document camera in Grainger Hall classrooms.

The document camera also offers more advanced features. 

Below the zoom scroller, the “Man” (standing for “manual”) buttons allow a user to adjust the camera’s focus on the document manually. This is not recommended for beginning users.

The “Auto” light should be lit upon powering up the document camera. Most of the time, auto focus is extremely helpful. However, there are some instances where it may be best to turn it off.

The “extern” button allows a user to connect their external device, such as a computer, to the document camera instead of connecting it to the podium. This is not recommended for beginning users.