Setting up a Cable channel to LCD panels in Grainger (Rooms 1266, Cafeteria 1530, 1510 East Atrium)

This setup is for setting a specific cable channel to any of the LCD panels in Grainger Hall. It is specific for Rooms, 1266, 1530 and 1510 areas.

The setup involves the following steps for Room 1266 (Executive Dinning Room):


1.   You need to get two remote controllers from room 1324. One is for the LCD panels in room 1266, labeled “1266 REMOTE”, and the other is to select the cable channels in room 1309, labeled “cable tuner”.

2.   Turn both of the LCD panels in room 1266 using the remote controller. You need the controller, because the local control in the room’s LCD panels is locked.

3.   The input should be set to “PCRGB”.

4.   The channels are control from a cable tuner in the back of the information desk, room 1309. Somebody from Conference Services should be there at all times. We do not have a key for that room.

5.   To select a channel for specific room, you need to follow the next steps:

a.   Select TV Tuner in the UNPUT SELECT bar in the top. The button should turn green.

b.   Find the desired TV channel using the remote control labeled “cable tuner”. The channel you selected will show up in the middle of the AMX panel and in the Tuner itself

c.    In the bottom bar, select “Private Dinning W” and “Private Dinning E”. The buttons labels should then read, “Private Dinning W-TV Tuner” and Private Dinning E- TV Tuner”, this indicates that the TV Tuner is chosen to be the inputs to those two LCD panels.

AMX in 1309

6.   Verify that the correct channels are showing in the room’s LCD panels.

VERY Important: When the event is over, follow these steps:

1.   Turn off the two LCD panels in room 1266.

2.   Go back to room 1309 and with the remote controller for the tuner, select the permanent channel MSNBC, that is channel 16.

3.   Make sure the two controllers are back in room 1324, in the right side of the table.

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