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AV - Collaborative Learning Classroom (CLC)

Information on using the Collaborative Classrooms, room 2290-94 and 229X.

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If you prefer, you can watch a video that will explain how to use the equipment and other pertinent information. That is embedded above.



These special classrooms are designed to facilitate collaboration between the students and the instructor. The room is divided by a movable wall that allows Conference Services to make it into one whole room we call 229X or two separate rooms 2290 and 2294. No mater what the configuration, both Podiums in the rooms work the same.

The instructions below will allow you to:
  1. Display a particular laptop screen to the entire classroom,
  2. Allow one laptop on each table to display to the monitor
  3. Display the podium laptop, document camera, or HDMI / VGA connected laptop on every monitor.

Using the Collaborative Classrooms Audio/Visual Controls


Below is the specific information to access different features of our system. The AMX panel in the podium, is the controller that allows you to tailor the Audio/Visual system for your particular application. This panel is always on, just touch it to see the buttons as in the graphic below. This document provides the information you need to properly set it up to your needs. Feel free to explore the system by yourself, it is a very user friendly, nothing will break by exploring all the buttons in the AMX panel.

CLC AMX Panel Interface

Displaying your laptop screen to all monitors:

1.     Touch the AMX panel to wake it up if its in sleep mode.

2.     Touch “Table Input” (top button) in the monitor section.

3.     Touch Podium 2 or Podium 1. This will select the podium laptop you want to send to all the monitors.


CLC Interface 1

Selecting a laptop in a specific table to display in all monitors:

1.     Ask your student to connect the HDMI cable to the desired laptop.

2.     Touch “Select Input” (top button) in the monitor section.

3.     Touch the selected table number in the graphic.

4.     The laptop selected will be displayed in all monitors.

CLC Interface 2


After your event is over:

1.     Log off the laptop.

2.     Touch the “Turn All Monitors Off” button.

3.     Turn the lights off with the wall switch when exiting the room.

Teacher Using their Own Laptop:

An instructor may bring their own laptop and connect it via the HDMI or VGA cables at the podium. If your laptop is very unique, you need to provide your own adapter for HDMI or VGA. There are three cables available at the podium. The one labeled "HDMI Podium" is meant for the provided podium laptop. "HDMI Laptop 1" or "VGA Laptop 1" will be the cables you use to connect your own device.


Document Camera in Down Position



The laptop volume is controlled by the volume controller on the far left of the panel. The sound will come from each speaker that is connected to a laptop.

The microphone volume for both the lapel and handheld microphones is controlled by the controller next to the light controls in the AMX panel. The sound will come from speakers on the ceiling of the room.

The Lights:

The AMX panel allows you to turn the lights on or off. The wall switch will allow you to dim the lights down. At the moment, the dim up buttons are not available.

Separation of the two spaces:

The two spaces are separated by a removable wall. The panels will detect automatically when the wall is on or off. Conference Services personnel will divide the room in the way you have requested at booking, before your event.


Document Camera

When the document camera is in the "down" position (see picture above), it is effectively turned off. To turn it on, raise it and rotate it to the right as per the diagram below the camera. To shut it off, lower it and rotate it to the left. Once the camera is raised, tap "Select Input" on the AMX panel and then "Doc Cam 1" in the bottom right hand corner.


Document Camera Up Position


Frequently Asked Questions


Can the instructor bring his/her own laptop?

Yes. See above instructions.

Can the students connect their own laptop?

We do not encourage the students to bring their own laptops. This is to make the system more reliable for all users of the rooms.

Can the Podium be moved to a different location?

No. The podium is fixed to the floor because of the multiple cable connections that the system needs to operate. Please do not attempt to move it at all. It will break the cables that connect to the system.

Can the instructor laptop be sent to a specific table monitor?

No. At this moment the instructor can only be off or on in all monitors.

Does the system support dual display at the instructor podium?

Yes. The laptop can be setup to do dual display or mirror display. This can be used when presenting PowerPoint slides. You can have the presenter’s notes in the laptop screen, while showing the current slide in all the classroom monitors.

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