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EMBA iPad Initiative - Setting up your iPad for the first time

Out of the box your iPad needs some basic configuration in order to run. This process takes about 5-10 minutes.

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Setting up your Devices

The iPad and Apple Pencil you are getting need to be configured. You will need to enter your own information and credentials to be able to use it. Remember that you will need to create an Apple ID to complete this process. If you have an Apple ID already, you can use the same one for your iPad. Follow this information to setup your devices.

The Passcode and the TouchID is the way for you to keep the information in the iPad private. They are the way for you to open the iPad every time you want to use it. It is possible to bypass this steps and make the iPad open for everyone, but we do not recommend this. Every iPad user knows that eventually the more you use the device, the more private information will be accumulating. So go ahead and create an easy number sequence for you to remember and add the TouchID.

Creating an Apple ID

The Apple ID is a required step to setup your iPad. It is basically an account you create at the App Store with Apple, that will allow you to download and purchase Apps as well as other free and pay Cloud services from Apple. The process of creating an account for the first time is outlined below. The step of entering a credit card is to have a card registered with Apple, so you can purchase Apps and other services just by clicking and accepting the purchase. You do not have to enter the credit card if you do not want, but it is convenient. The App Store is very clear on when the Apps you are trying to download are Free or Pay and you get a receipt for the purchase via email so you can keep track of your purchases.

Setting up your iPad for the first time: Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Turn on your device

You'll see "Hello" in many languages. Slide from left to right anywhere on this screen. (If you have low vision, you can turn on VoiceOver or Zoom from the Hello screen.)

2. Select your language and country

When asked, choose your language. Then tap your country or region. This affects how information will look on your device, including date, time, contacts,and more.

3. Get online and choose Location Services

Tap a Wi-Fi network to connect. Get help if you can't connect to Wi-Fi.
Then decide on Location Services, a feature you'll need for apps like Maps, Find My Friends, and for detecting the time zone.
  3a. Click ‘Next’ on the right upper corner
  3b. Select either Enable or Disable.

4. Set up Touch ID and create a passcode - why would I need this?

You must protect your device from being accessed by people who are not authorized to do so. Your fingerprints and a passcode are the best way to do it.
You can opt to just have a passcode and skip the Touch ID. However, if you set up your Touch ID you MUST set up a passcode, as well.
With the Touch ID feature, you can use your fingerprint to unlock your device and make purchases.
Next, set a six-digit passcode to help protect your data. You'll need a passcode to use features like Touch ID and Apple Pay. If you'd like a four-digit passcode, custom passcode, or no passcode, tap Passcode Options.

5. Restore or transfer your apps and data

Tap Restore from iCloud Backup, Restore from iTunes Backup, Set up as New, or Move Data from Android.

6. Sign in with your Apple ID and set up iCloud Drive

When you turn on and set up your new iPad, you’ll see a message to sign in with your Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID and password if you already have one. To skip this step, or if you don't have an Apple ID, tap Don't have an Apple ID or forgot it. (Note: we encourage you to use a personal email as your Apple ID, rather than your email.)
Next, if you've signed in with your Apple ID and created a passcode, you might be asked to set up iCloud Drive, Apple Pay, and iCloud Keychain.
  6a. Accept Terms and Conditions by clicking Agree on the right lower corner
  6b. Do not set up Apple Pay. Simply select ‘Set Up Later’
  6c. In the iCloud keychain, click on ‘Don’t Restore Passwords’

7. Set up Siri

Choose whether to use Siri. On some devices, you'll be asked to speak some phrases so that Siri can get to know your voice.

8. Choose settings for app analytics and display resolution

Decide whether to share information with app developers.
Then tap Next to continue.

9. Finish up

Tap Get Started to begin using your device. To learn about more features, check out the user guide for your iPad.
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