2339 Grainger Sound Problem

Instruction on how to temporarily solve the issue of no computer sound in the podium of room 2339.

The Issue:

The computer or the microphone sound does not come out of the room's speakers. Sometimes it's the Mic, other times it's the computer. The solution may be the same for both.
The Solution:
Ideally you should always check on the equipment in the closet. Check that the AMX PC1 Power controller and the Crown power amplifier are both on, before turning the system on.
But if you get a call because the Mic is not working or the computer sound is not playing, do the following:
  • Go in the closet and see if the AMX power controller and the power amp are on. If not, turn them on.
This is what the equipment looks like. The two red circles mark the lights that should be on. If the PC1 Power controller is not, push the little square button. The light should come on and the Crown amplifier green light should also come on as well.

2339 closet equipment
  • This may solve the problem, but make sure you check both the mic and the computer for sound before you leave the room. Sometimes only one will work.
  • If the computer or the microphone is still having issues, then you need to reset the AMX controller in the Podium. This is the big black box at the bottom of the podium.
Resetting the AMX Controller in the Podium:
  • The device on/off switch is in the top left on the back of the Controller.
  • Reach there and feel a small toggle button and turn it off. The LED lights on the device should shut off, and the AMX panel will freeze until the restart is completed.
  • Open the closet in the room and make sure that PC1 power controller and the Crown power amp are on.
  • Wait 20 to 15 seconds before you test it.
If this did not work, restart the computer.

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