AT - Welcome Instructors to Grainger Hall

This article contains pertinent information for all instructors using the Grainger Hall facilities during the fall semester of 2017.


We welcome you to Grainger Hall and want to make sure your experience teaching in our facility is smooth and efficient. 

We are the Academic Technologies team, part of Academic Technology and Web (ATW), a shared services department within the Wisconsin School of Business. One of our services is to manage and maintain the audio/visual equipment in all classrooms, lecture halls, and conference rooms in Grainger Hall. Feel free to stop by our office if you need help using any of the equipment installed in each classroom or want to tell us about any specific needs you may have. For booking rooms and services in classrooms, please contact Event Services at <>.

You may reach us in the following ways:

In person: stop by our office in room 1290 Grainger Hall

By phone: call 608-265-1135

By email: email

For your convenience, we have remove the need to enter a code in order to use the AV in most classrooms. For the classrooms with older systems, we are keeping the same podium code as last semester (7139). Follow the on-screen instructions for logging into the computer. The log-in method for Grainger and non-Grainger instructors remains the same as last year. For example, Grainger instructors can login using their NetID and password. Non-Grainger instructors need to log in using their NetID, plus and their password. All podium computers have now a Windows 10 operating system.

During this fall semester, our student staff is available from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Fridays. When we have events on the weekends, we are open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every other Saturday, and from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Sundays. 

For a basic AV setup in a classroom with a podium, you are welcome to schedule a 10-minute training session with us by stopping by our office or emailing us at In these sessions, a member of the service team will go with you to the room(s) you are scheduled to teach in and demonstrate the equipment you are planning to use. We will also provide you with any information you may need about any particular system in the room. You may also follow the instruction on a video in the following KB article:

Classroom Podium Technology Updates

As part of our five-year technology update cycle, we are in the process of upgrading all the podium cabinets and AV equipment in Grainger Hall classrooms from analog systems to digital systems. The new setup that we have completed in 90% of classrooms will allow instructors to connect new mobile devices using a single HDMI cable that carries video and sound to the room projector and speakers.

In addition, with the goal to facilitate the BYOD (Bring your own device) initiative of the University of Wisconsin, we have added technology capable of connecting either a Windows, Android, or iOS powered device wirelessly. Let us know if you are interested in using the wireless technology and we will help you connect your particular device.This document will help you if you want to try the system in your own time: Refer to the chart below to know which rooms are currently wireless capable.

We have kept the older analog VGA connection as well to accommodate legacy laptops and other devices that require VGA connectivity. The older monitors have been upgraded to touch screens that allow you to interact with the computer using your fingers like you do with any smartphone or tablet device. If you want to learn how to use the touchscreen features when using PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat, reference this article: podium cabinets have also been upgraded to a more standard size with a slightly larger surface space. 

All the classrooms in Grainger Hall have the following equipment available to every user:

  • Windows computer with Windows 10 operating system and a DVD player
  • Connections for your own laptop/tablet device (may need to request an adapter for your particular device)
  • Video projector
  • Document camera
  • Sound amplification to room speakers from the computer
  • AMX panel for switching inputs to the projector
  • Wireless presentation clicker

  • The chart below list basic information for the technology in the classrooms. 

    Video Input
    Monitor Type
    Cabinet Update
    Code Needed
    1100VGANoWideTouch ScreenNoYesNo
    1140VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    1170VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    1175VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    1180VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    1185VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    1190VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    1195VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    1270VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    1280VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    1295VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesYesNo
    1310VGA & HDMINoWideTouch ScreenYesYesYes
    2080VGANoWideTouch ScreenNoYesNo
    2120VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesYesNo
    2165VGA & HDMIYesWide/LCDTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    2170VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    2175VGA & HDMINoSquareTouch ScreenNoNoNo
    2180VGA & HDMINoWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    2185VGA & HDMINoSquareLCDNoNoNo
    2190VGA & HDMINoWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    2195VGA & HDMINoSquareLCDNoNoNo
    2270VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    2280VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesNoNo
    2290VGA & HDMINoWideTouch Screen -LaptopYesYesNo
    2294VGA & HDMINoWideTouch Screen -LaptopYesYesNo
    2335VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesYesNo
    2339VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesYesNo
    2510VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesYesNo
    2520VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesYesNo
    3070VGA & HDMIYesWideTouch ScreenYesYesNo
    3325VGANoWideTouch ScreenNoNoYes
    3335VGANoWideTouch ScreenNoYesYes
    3339VGANoSquareTouch ScreenNoNoYes
    3560VGANoWideTouch ScreenNoNoYes
    4349VGANoWideTouch ScreenNoNoYes
    4580VGANoWideTouch ScreenNoNoYes

    Podium Computer Software List:


    Adobe Acrobat XI

    Decision Tools Suite 7.5 (@Risk)

    ExtendSim 9.2


    MS Office 2016

    MS Project 2016

    MS Visio 2016

    MS Visual Studio 2017


    R 3.4.1

    R Studio 1.0.153

    SAP Predictive Analytics 3.1

    SAP GUI 7.5

    SAS 9.4

    SPSS 24

    Stata 15

    Tableau 10.3

    VLC Media Player


    Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari

    For all other needs that are not AV related, please visit the Information Desk on the first floor of Grainger Hall, near the main entrance at University and Park Streets. The Information Desk can assist with temperature control, support materials, room access, and other facility-related requests. The Information Desk is open during building hours and can also be reached by calling 608-263-WSOB (9762). 

    In the event of an emergency situation regarding facility operations, please contact the building manager, Tim Bent. He can be reached at 608-263-4458 Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During the hours which fall outside those previously mentioned, please contact the UW Police Department at 608-263-COPS (2677).

    Thank you!
    Academic Technology and Web
    Wisconsin School of Business
    1290 Grainger Hall
    Phone: 608-265-1135