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This article contains pertinent information for all instructors using the Grainger Hall facilities during the spring semester of 2017.


The ASUS VT207N Touchscreen monitors installed in some Grainger classrooms has a 19.5-inch widescreen (16:9) display with HD 1600 x 900 resolution enabling superb image quality and flexible connectivity. Furthermore, this monitor has multiple video and peripheral connectors that include VGA, DVI-D, and USB. Its touchscreen capability allows up to 10 simultaneous touches, letting the user tap, drag, zoom or spin around elements on the screen.


How to use the touchscreen capabilities with PowerPoint

The touchscreen capability of this Asus monitor allows for fast and efficient usage when paired with the Microsoft PowerPoint application. Users may draw, write notes, go forward or backward on a slide by tapping or swiping on the screen while a presentation is opened in PowerPoint.

1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and view it in Full Screen Mode

2. The lower left corner of the screen will display the following 4 icons:


-        The first icon (arrow pointing to the left) and last icon (arrow pointing to the right) allows users to go back and forth between the previous and upcoming slide(s). For the Asus monitor, you do not have to physically tap on these buttons to proceed forward or backward, you may simply tap on the far left or far right of the slide to proceed forwards or backwards with your presentation.


-        The second icon, the pen tool, allows users to draw or write notes directly on the presentation slide by using their finger or a stylus pen.


1. Tap on the Pen tool

2. Tap on “Pen” to enable it

3. Tap on “Pen Color”, and a menu of colors will be displayed. You may choose which color you would like to use. If a color is not chosen after tapping

on “Pen”, the default pen color will be red.

4. You may now start drawing on your current presentation slide.



-        The third icon (a square) allows users to transition between slides and also lets the user delete what they’ve written on the slide with the pen tool.

1.     Simply tap on the square button with your finger or stylus pen, and a menu of options will show up.

2.     By tapping on “Screen”, you will see that “Erase Pen” shows up shortly in a sub menu as well.

3.     By tapping on “Erase Pen”, the hand written notes and/or drawings you previously drew will be erased.




How to use the touchscreen capabilities with Adobe Acrobat

When the Asus monitor is paired with Adobe Acrobat, users may also draw or write on the pdf file as well.

1.    In the top navigation bar, tap on “View”> “Comment” > “Drawing Markups”


2.    A panel will pop up on the right, displaying the varieties of annotations and drawing markups that may be used.


·       The Rectangle tool rectangule, the Oval tool oval, the Arrow tool arrow, and the Line tool line let you create simple shapes.

·       The Cloud tool cloud and Polygon tool polygoncreate closed shapes with multiple segments. The Polygon Line tool polygon open line creates open shapes with multiple segments.

·       The Pencil tool pencil creates free-form drawings, and the Pencil Eraser tool eraser removes the pencil markups.


3.    To draw free-form lines such as drawings or notes, tap and use the Pencil tool.

4.    To erase anything that you’ve created, tap on the Eraser tool and drag it over the notes that you have written to start erasing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to contact us.

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