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A summary of what can be accomplished in the ALC rooms 2210M, 2210N, 2210R, 2210S, & 2210U.

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What can you do in these rooms with AV?

  • Display your AV content from a portable device like a laptop, tablet, or cell phone using the wall plate, an HDMI cable and an appropriate adapter.
  • Wirelessly display your or your students AV content from any portable device 
  • Display content from the room’s Windows-based computer.

The three ALC room have the same specifications and the same equipment. You are encouraged to bring your own adapters and cables for your particular device or to check out one from the front desk attendants.

About the Control Panel:

The wall mounted control panel will allow you to send your content from your own device or the room computer to the displays in the room. Either one, two, or all four of the displays can be played at any one time. The steps below will guide you on how to do this. 

The control panel interface has three pages: the normal Standby page, Combine the Rooms? page, and the Input page.

AMX Panel Interface

Operating the Control Panel:

  1. If the panel is displaying the WSB logo in a red background it is in standby mode. To wake it up, you need to touch the screen.

  2. The panel wakes up and display’s your first question, combine or separate the rooms.

    1. If you select “Yes Combine”, you will be able to control what is displayed on all four wall displays in the room. You can do this either from your portable device with HDMI, wireless or room computer. Later, you can decide what you display on each screen.

    2. If you separate the rooms, by clicking “No Separated”, you will be able to control the display on two monitors closest to each other. You should select this option if the moveable wall has been pulled to separate the space in half.

  3. The other button on this page is the Cancel button. If you touch it, the control panel will go back to sleep mode with the WSB logo displayed on a red background. The other two buttons will take you to the Input page in the panel.

  1. The Input page gives you all the choices that are possible in the system.  

Input Page:


Input Page:

  1. Under “Input Mode” you have the options of Single Displays, All Displays, and Video Mute.

    1. “Single Display” will display your AV into the single monitor in which you are connected to.

    2. “All Displays” will display your AV on all the monitors in the room; depending on your selection in the Combination Page, it will be either two monitors or four monitors.

    3. “Video Mute” is an option that darkens the displays so that viewers cannot see what is on your computer screen.

  2. Next to the Input Mode, there are the three options for sources that allow you to display your content.

    1. “Wall Plates” is the option you select if you are connected using an HDMI cable.

    2. “Wireless Video” is selected if you are connected through the wireless in room system.

    3. “Computer” is selected if you are using the room’s Windows-based computer.

  3. There is the volume slider at the far right that you can use to increase the volume by sliding up or lowering the volume by sliding down. You also have the option to mute the audio.

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