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How to post announcements and PowerPoint slides in the Visix monitors in the Wisconsin School of Business. This is based in an already created template.

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Visix Document Posting:

Editing the Layout

Layout design

There are many things you can do to alter the look of the layout. Before doing anything, however, make sure that the Edit button is clicked on the top right side of the screen.


Then you can begin altering the layout. There is one other button in this set, however, that is important to point out. This is the Create button. This button will allow you to begin a new layout starting from scratch. Depending on your needs, it might be easier to begin a new layout, rather than edit the existing one. Following Create, adding and editing the layout is the same as altering a preexisting one, and is as follows:

One of the things you can do in this mode is to alter the background. There are a few preset backgrounds to choose from, but most likely you will want to use your own media.

To do this, click Media at the top of the page. You will be prompted with this screen:

Click on Import Backgrounds. This will add additional options as shown here:

Make sure that the Aspect Ratio is set to default and choose which folder you want to assign the image to. It is important to remember this as when you go to upload it in the layout, it is this folder that will contain your image.  

Then select your media file and upload it into the system.

To get it onto your layout, go back to the Layout function. At the top of the page, you will find Wallpaper options. Under Wallpaper Folder, click on the folder you originally designated your image. Under Wallpaper, click on the name of your Image.

It will take a few moments, but your Wallpaper will then appear on the screen.

You can also alter the size and function of each block on the layout by clicking on it. For example, if we click on the block that says P603, these details become available to alter on the left side of the screen.

Placement is where it is located on the layout, as displayed in pixel coordinates. Playlist tells us which playlist (which we created earlier) we want to play at that designated spot. You can change the playlist by clicking the arrow on the right side. Since a playlist is already set, we do not need to worry about changing the Ticker portion of this screen.

Once changes have been made, click Apply and the changes will appear on the layout. If you wish to get rid of the block entirely, simply click Delete Block and it will be removed.

To add a block, look to the top of the layout. There will be a button with a cursor and a plus sign. This will allow you to add additional blocks. When you do this, you can also assign a function for the block. We will mostly deal with playlists and tickers. Tickers are running words that can include weather, news, important messages, etc.

The other two buttons allow you to click on various layers of the layout. The button highlighted in blue allows you to click on and adjust content blocks. The other button allows you to alter Overlays, which includes actions like Date and Time.

Once you have finished editing your layout, hit Save at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, or, if you are unhappy with the layout, you can delete it altogether by clicking Delete Layout.

All changes will appear in the Visix system webpage. To look at these changes go to Configure>Player>Layouts.

final look of the layout

When you go to the correct Channel Player and Layout you designated in AxisTV Utilities, the correct information will appear. To alter the schedule of the Layout, click Schedule under Actions. To apply it to the Player (i.e. project it onto the Monitor), click Apply to Player.

From here, you should be able to go back and alter the layout and playlists, import images, and schedule them to play on a Monitor.

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