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Using the pole computer in the FAL to do a video conference call

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About Making Video Conferencing Calls in the Finance and Analytics Lab (FAL): We recommend that you use the Pole computer on the right side of the front of the room to make video conferencing calls. This computer is connected to a web camera with a microphone. Using this system you can use any web-based video conferencing system in the market. All you need to do is to select the correct camera and mic for this specific connection. If it is the first time you make a call in this room, we recommend that you let ATW student know, so they can help you doing the correct setup.

To connect to a video conference call:

  • Make sure the control panel is set to Instructor on the Input Mode column and Pole PC on the table layout. 
  • Login to the Pole PC by clicking CTRL + ALT + DELETE and inputting your WSB ID. 
  • Login to the desired Web-based conference system and start the call call. 
  • Most systems will have a way to select the mic input and speaker output as well as the camera input. Sometimes called "Preferences", "Tools" or "Settings"
  • You want to select the Logitech camera and use the Microphone in the same camera. This will show up with the same name in the system you are using.
  • Remember all controls over sound will still be located at the podium computer. 

FAL Selection for Wireless

Common Web-conference Setups:


1. Start up Skype and log in using the desired account

2. Check if the audio and video is set up correctly by going to the menu Audio & Video Settings

audio video settings menu

3. For the Microphone, select "default communication device”

Microphone drop down

4. For the Speakers use the “default communication device” and click Test Audio, to make sure the sound is coming from the room's speakers.

5. In the “Camera” menu on the bottom, choose "XI 100DUSB-SDI Video" (this should be the standard camera already set up)

6. After you've selected each of the correct devices, scroll to the top and click "Make a free test call.Follow the instructions, you should be able to hear the instructions and record your voice test. If all is well, Skype is ready.


1. Start up GoToMeeting and log in using the desired account

2. Click create meeting, and a window should open up.

3. The microphone should be set to "Digital Audio Interface (XI100DUSB-SDIUSB)


4. Speakers should be set to "AMX_HDMI7v2 (Intel(R) Display Audio"


5. Click 'OK' and a chatlet should appear

6. Go to the video tab and select "XI100DUSB-SDI VIDEO

GoToMeeting video settings

7. Your video conference should be all set up.


1. Open up and sign into Webex.

2. Create a meeting and the below window should come up.


3. Set Speakers to "AMX_HDMI7v2 (Intel(R) Display)" (second drop down menu on the left, next to the speaker icon)

4. Set Microphone to "Digital Audio Interface (XI100DUSB-SDI Audio)"

5. Set Video connection to "XI100DUSB-SDI Video"

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